Meet the JMC Team: Steve Parnell

At JM Construction, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business. This goes for our home projects as well as our home teams; we love it when our employees build and grow their careers [...]

Your Top 10 Renovation FAQs, Answered

Behind every renovation project is a hard-working production manager who manages everything behind the scenes and in front of the team. Steve Parnell, who has worked with JM Construction for the [...]

5 Kitchen Trends We Love for 2018

We know the year isn’t even over yet, but we’re already witnessing some fairly strong trends with kitchen remodels in the Boston area that are gathering steam. If what we’re noticing is any [...]

Remodeling Contracts: What to Know

Know your rights before you sign a contract with a general contractor. Reviewing Remodeling Contracts Take time to review remodeling contracts before signing them to make sure they follow the [...]

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