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4 Reasons Your Next Kitchen Should Have a Built-In Coffee System

Integrated coffee systems are finding their way into more and more Boston kitchens, palpably kicking the heart of the home into high gear.

Boasting functions like individual user settings, filtered water, milk frothers, and variable grind settings, built-in coffee systems have all the bells and whistles of the corner coffee shop at the push of a button.

And while they seem like a luxury few can afford, if you’re the type who prefers a $5 custom-ground latte, it doesn’t take much to make them worth their price tag. “Refined coffee lovers know what they want,” says Jeff McLinden, President of JM Construction. “Built-in coffee systems deliver gourmet brews with a variety of options without the manual mess of grinding, brewing, and frothing—or leaving the house.”

1. Choose from stand-alone and plumbed coffee makers.

If you are leaning toward a built-in coffee maker for your kitchen remodel, consider giving it its own water line. “Adding a water line to a built-in coffee maker is just like adding one to a water dispenser for a refrigerator,” says McLinden. “While slightly more expensive, it adds a nice layer of convenience, too, especially if the unit is far from a sink or you don’t want to mess with filling up a separate dispenser every day.”

Some machines also feature added filtration, for those who prefer purer percs.

2. Built-in coffee systems can be tailored to your tastes.

And we’re not just talking about your taste in coffee (we’ll go into that next). These state-of-the-art coffee dispensers are built right into your kitchen cabinetry, seamlessly energizing the heart of the home by osmosis. Offered in a variety of finishes from stainless to matte black, coffee systems instantly declutter your countertop and offer a stylish addition to any floor-to-ceiling cabinet unit.

3. Prepare for the ultimate experience in personalized coffee.

Nearly every built-in coffee machine will feature the ability to customize the size of your grind, but only a few make the choice accessible from the front of the unit. “It’s important to know what kind of coffee drinker you are before you choose your integrated coffee machine,” adds McLinden. “If you like to switch up your coffee on a regular basis, choose a machine that makes it easy to do. It’s not hard to adjust any of these systems, but when you are paying for convenience, you want to make sure you get what you want.” For this reason, systems with memorized user settings can be a lifesaver—that way everyone gets their perfect cup before running out the door.  

4. Integrated coffee systems are arguably better for the environment.

When you can get your perfect cup of coffee right from your own kitchen, you don’t have to drive, use a disposable cup, or waste a paper napkin or thermal sleeve. And, when you consider your native environment, you’re also conserving time and preserving your mood—two side benefits of having your favorite morning beverage brewed within a few feet of your bed.

Will a built-in coffee machine be in your next kitchen? Talk to a JM Construction design specialist to see how we can energize your kitchen project, right from the beginning. Start your project consult here.

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