Best Kitchen Trends for 2018

5 Kitchen Trends We Love for 2018

We know the year isn’t even over yet, but we’re already witnessing some fairly strong trends with kitchen remodels in the Boston area that are gathering steam. If what we’re noticing is any indication, 2018 will be the year kitchens break a few rules, slide into familiar territory, and make the most of what comes naturally.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

As more and more homeowners choose wall-to-wall hardwoods for their homes, kitchen cabinets are taking on more colorful personalities. “Modern kitchens in Wellesley, Sherborn, and Wayland are trending toward gray and creamy palettes,” said Jeff McLinden, owner of JM Construction Co. “Everyone loves hardwoods, but they can be overwhelming when there are wood floors, wood cabinets, and wooden furniture.” Painting the cabinets lets the floors stand on their own while introducing another layer of color and interest.

Painting your cabinets

Having trouble picking out a color? Just ask one of our designers.

Barn Doors

Pocket doors were all the rage in the 1950s, and for a good reason; you could close off a room without taking up the square footage of the swing. “We’re now getting several requests for rolling “barn” doors,” added McLinden. “They can be designed, painted, and hung to match nearly any style, and they serve as a functional part of the home.”

Adding a barn door to kitchen

Geometric Islands

Some of the kitchen design trends of 2018 think outside the box–especially when that box is a common rectangular island. “Some houses can’t–and shouldn’t–fit a full rectangular island,” said McLinden. “If it’s too far to reach across or if it eats into other valuable real estate in a dining room or high traffic area, it’s worth adjusting.”

Modern Kitchen Island

Continuous Backsplashes

Using the same material for your countertop and backsplash is a growing trend among kitchen renovations in the Boston area. This look not only simplifies the design, but it also intensifies it; whereas tiles provide structured patterns and lines, using continuous granite or marble can add visual sweep and movement to an otherwise static wall. “However,” McLinden cautions, “the trick to pulling off this look is to have enough material from the same slab so that the veining and color are consistent from piece to piece.”

Adding a continuous backsplash to kitchen

Statement Islands

“Who said kitchen islands had to match their fellow countertops and cabinets?” asks every trending kitchen designer. This kitchen leads by example; it surrounds a black granite waterfall island with pale Carerra marble and white cabinets. The effect is almost magnetic. Eyes are drawn to the visual weight, and people will find themselves pulling up a chair before they even know what happened.

Designing a kitchen statement island

Which one of these trends tops your list as a “must have” in 2018?

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