7 Luxury Shower Features to Inspire Your Bathroom Remodel

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When planning a bathroom remodel, many homeowners opt to install luxury showers. These often spacious and attractive showers can help to upgrade a dated bathroom in a big way. If you want to elevate your own experience or increase your home’s resale value, this is one remodeling project that can help you do both.

Luxury Shower Features You’ll Love for Your Bathroom Remodel

There are multiple options and features available for luxury showers. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites to inspire your bathroom remodel.

1. Blending In

One important key to building beautiful luxury showers is making sure all design elements blend together seamlessly. The new shower should feel perfectly at home, without a single element awkward or out of place. When integrating a new luxury shower into an existing bathroom, the existing elements can sometimes be an obstacle.

This 1964 Wellesley colonial features beautiful chair rail molding in its bathroom. When the homeowners opted to install a new shower, though, that design element presented a challenge. Our team evaluated our options, considering how the new shower’s tile would interact with the molding. We solved the dilemma by padding out the shower wall to create a more refined connection.

2. Shower Curb

Depending on the look and feel of your space, you might want to consider whether or not to include a shower curb as part of your luxury shower remodel.

If you don’t currently have a tile floor in your bathroom and don’t plan to replace your current flooring, then you’ll need a shower curb. This is essentially the threshold to your shower, serving as an entry point and a way to keep water from splashing onto the floor. Our clients in Wellesley, who remodeled the bathroom in their 1966 colonial home, chose a luxury shower with a curb for their bathroom.

On the other hand, a shower with curbless entry can add class and sophistication to your bathroom remodel. Curbless showers look and feel luxurious, creating an easy-to-access transition from the bathroom into the shower. Bathrooms with tile flooring look great with curbless showers, whether you choose to keep the original flooring or upgrade.

Our clients in Sherborn opted for curbless entry in their shower, and the results are fantastic. This photo was taken before the shower door was installed so you can really see the level floor tiling, a safe alternative for clients with mobility concerns.

3. Steam Showers

When planning your bathroom remodel, consider whether you might want a relaxing steam shower as part of the package. Luxury showers often feature steam showers in addition to standard shower heads and faucets. Our clients opted for a steam shower with an electric panel for controls, and it turned out beautifully.

4. The Niche

Shower niche – in blue crash porcelain by Happy Floors – accented with built-in lighting

Adding a niche to your luxury shower is a great way to create more storage space and add an extra pop of style to your bathroom remodel. Shower niches can hold essentials such as shampoo, conditioner, and soap. They can also be lit for a little extra illumination.

Shower niche and wall in marble by Carrara & Thassos

Shower niches can serve as deep shelves, or they can be shallow. This JM Construction-designed niche is not deep, but it’s functional. It also features a pop of color with mosaic tiles that contrast the shower tiles.

For our 1964 Wellesley colonial bathroom remodel, we installed a niche that repeats the tile from the shower floor. This was a beautiful way to fully integrate the space’s design elements.

5. Shower Bench

The right shower bench can level up a luxury shower. They’re not just attractive; they’re also great for homeowners (or future buyers) who may need the option of sitting while they bathe.

For our bathroom remodel in the Wellesley colonial house, we installed a striking shower bench. Our designer selected a wide marble pattern on the bench seat to contrast the tight geometric basketweave pattern on the shower floor and niche.

For this bold and modern marble shower, the homeowner selected a solid white bench seat to provide a visual break in the marbled pattern.

6. Systems and Faucets

Shower systems and faucets make all the difference in luxury showers. There are so many options to make homeowners and guests feel pampered. Our Wellesley clients opted for dual shower heads (one fixed, one removable), dual faucets, and a squeegee for cleaning the shower glass.

There are multiple other features to choose from, such as waterfall faucets, LED shower systems, and more, as shown in this marbled master.

7. Great Lighting

Well-lit luxury showers often feel airy, light, spacious, and clean. Install bright lighting and maximize any natural light that may be coming into the room. Additionally, opting for glass shower walls and doors for shower surround will keep light filtering in effortlessly. Our homeowners in the 1964 Wellesley colonial had a great outdoor-facing window that let in plenty of extra sunlight.

Ready to talk to our team about your bathroom remodel? We can help you reimagine what your bathroom would look like with a luxury shower–then bring that concept to life! You can request your consult here.

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