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5 Steps to Get What You Want from Your Renovation

Ensuring a home renovation goes off without a hitch doesn’t just happen — one needs to put time, research and dedication into the process so the result is the room or home of your dreams. Check out these five steps to an easy home renovation.

Know who you’re hiring.

Not only do you have to research the contractor you will allow into your home to make sure he or she is legit, you also have to make sure your communication styles match. Check the contractor’s reputation with family and friends and the Better Business Bureau. (Take the time to speak to each professional.) Find out a bit about their style, what they charge, their availability, and what to expect on the job site. Make sure you get everything in writing, including a detailed cost estimate. You don’t want to budget for a $50,000 remodel only to find out in the end it costs closer to $75,000 due to unexpected fees and materials.

Plan everything out to a T.

Being as specific as you possibly can in this phase of the project is key. That means nail down the exact type, style, and color of countertop you want, which lighting fixtures you want, what paint colors to adorn each wall, and the type of flooring you need. This planning extends all the way to the molding, trim, appliances, and hardware such as drawer pulls and door knobs. By planning this all now, you will be faced with fewer surprises later.

Put a renovation timeline in writing.

Rather than be vague about your project completion date, nail one down with your contractor, advises Real Simple. If you want your outdoor porch and patio project done by summer so you can entertain out by the pool, make sure your contractor knows you want it done by June 1. Give firm dates; this doesn’t mean the project will always adhere to the timeline exactly, as issues do tend to arise, but it will give a good ending point to hold onto.

Learn who’s responsible.

Because nothing always goes exactly according to plan, there will likely be change orders in your project that the contractor will have to let you know about. If, say, he has to substitute a flooring material because the one you wanted wasn’t available, this should be communicated to you in person and in writing. If you are the one to make changes, find out to whom you should speak and how. Learn who the project manager or foreman are and get their contact information, so if something does go wrong, you can get in touch quickly.

Figure out alternate arrangements.

While some renovations, like a spare bedroom or bathroom, can be tolerated around your normal daily schedule, others — like gutting the kitchen or master bedroom — can’t. Figure out alternative living arrangements, so you’re not suddenly displaced during construction. If possible, sleep in the spare bedroom if your room is being done over, or set up a mini fridge and microwave in the living room so you can heat up food and have a cold drink when needed.

Following these tips can ensure a smooth home renovation project. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have. We’re happy to help.

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