Adding Big Functionality to a Small Kitchen

Baking, washing dishes, organizing and storing food and cookware, and, of course, eating – that’s a lot to do in the frequently small space kitchens afford. If you’re feeling cramped, there are several solutions that make your small kitchen feel like a big one.

Find Places for Hidden Storage

It might feel like you’re out of storage. You’ve nested all your pots and pans, stacked up all your go-to kitchen tools, and relocated the clutter. And yet, it continues to feel like you’re in disarray. There are still tons of potential kitchen storage spots, though – you just have to think outside the box.

Ever notice that some drawers near the sink are just for show? That’s because the sink basin would prevent anything more than a few inches of depth. But a few inches is all you need for a tilting tray in which you can store sponges, scrubbers, and other essentials. Just a few feet down from there, you can take advantage of the space below your lower cabinets with a toe-kick drawer. What you can store here depends on how big the space is, of course, and that can range from flat dishes and pans to wine bottles.

We often see corners go underutilized; right angles aren’t very conducive to perpendicular drawers. The classic workaround is the lazy Susan, but let’s face it; the design is a little, well, lazy. Add storage and a unique storage element to your kitchen with corner drawers. These v-shaped drawers blend in with their surroundings, add some serious space, and turn heads when they’re opened.

Still need more storage? Dividers can help bring some efficiency to the tupperware shelf, and you can even hide your garbage and recycle bins within your counter or island with a pull-out waste section.

Clear Up the Countertops

Counterspace can be precious real estate, especially if you do a lot of cooking. The things that often occupy your counters, though, can be nearly as accessible elsewhere, leaving more spaces for you to chop, dice, and slice. If you’re using a spice rack, fill up some magnetic tins and stick them to your refrigerator, or install a thin pull-out drawer where you can store them as well as cooking knives, cutting boards, and anything else that’s under a few inches in girth. Paper towels can take up quite a bit of space, too, so if you have a standing dispenser, consider hiding it away in your island or attached to the inner door of a cabinet.

If you have items stacked against the wall, but can’t fully optimize the space because of the electrical outlet, a professional can help you move the plugs under the cabinets, freeing up more of the wall. And speaking of the wall, you can easily add some hangers there for measuring cups, washcloths, and other small items.

Gain Ground with Space Saving Appliances

You’ve cleared your countertops of clutter, but the appliances remain. You can save even more space by combining them. The Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven combines – you guessed it – an air fryer with a toaster oven. At first glance, the iconic Kitchenaid Stand Mixer looks like it might only whip up some cake mix, but with all the attachments, it can handle anything, from making pasta to grinding meat. 

And at such a small size, an immersion blender can handle a lot of jobs, from pureeing to mashing to chopping. Combined with your stove and microwave, these kitchen gadgets can handle nearly any basic to intermediate recipe. Not bad for just three devices!

Make It Multifunctional

If you’re looking to take more drastic steps, a kitchen peninsula or island can do wonders. Not only is it a multifunction space for prepping, serving, and seating, but an island can have its own sink on top and plenty of storage down below.

Beyond that, you may be looking at a change in layout – a complete transformation of your kitchen, designed specifically for your needs. From cabinets to countertops, you can build the kitchen of your dreams, and you might as well add some personal flair with your own choice of flooring, wall tiles, and backsplash. The possibilities are endless.

Whether you need to create more efficient cabinetry, add an island, or remodel your entire kitchen, JM Construction is here to help. We’ve been providing high-end, custom kitchens to our clients in Sherborn, Weston, Wellesley, and the Metrowest area for over 35 years. We know how to create space – and do so in a style that suits your life and personality.

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