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Butler’s Pantry: Modern Day Must-Haves

Butler’s pantries are no longer just reserved for Jeeves or Mr. Carson in grand estates like Downton Abbey. They meet many modern day needs and we’re finding that our Boston Metrowest clients are incorporating these functional spaces into their high-end kitchen renovations more and more.

See how our clients are using them today and what we’ve found to be must-have features.

Butler’s Pantries Are Multi-Functional Spaces

The features of your butler’s pantry will greatly depend on you and your interests. Here’s where your own personality shines through! They serve:

Wine Connoisseurs: If you are passionate about wine, your butler’s pantry can feature an organized area to store and serve your vino. Don’t fret if you don’t have room for a wine cellar – put your butler’s pantry to good use storing your wine glasses, buckets, decanters, accessories, and tools. Make sure your pantry includes a wine cooler to keep your bottles at the right temperature and humidity for long-term storage.

Beer and Cocktail Lovers: If beer or cocktails are more for you, chill your seltzer, simple syrup, and IPAs in refrigerator drawers that blend in with your cabinetry – or keep them visible in a beverage fridge with a glass door. Display your cocktail accoutrements on a decorative tray to either serve your guests or allow them to mix their own at your well-appointed wet bar. Don’t forget to include a bar sink, an essential element to any butler’s pantry made for entertaining

Self-Made Baristas: If lattes get you going, then a built-in coffee system may take front and center in your butler’s pantry. Your love for coffee comes with great aromas, but also with great noise! The butler’s pantry keeps the coffee grinding and frothing tucked away. Envision your coffee mugs and special roasts stored on storage shelves at arms reach to your built-in coffee system. Your at-home bistro awaits!

Must Have Features: Extra Storage Space and Additional Countertops

Who doesn’t want more storage near your kitchen or dining room where it’s most needed? The butler’s pantry typically stores serving pieces, table linens, tableware, glassware, etc. They feature well lit open shelf or glass-front storage cabinets that double as display cases for your favorite serving pieces.When you host a party, extra countertop space is essential to help with food prep, plating, and staging. The butler’s pantry provides the space to set out serving bowls, platters, and utensils ahead of time to keep you socializing with your guests instead of rummaging through drawers and cabinets at crunch time.The butler’s pantry also provides a separate area for dirty dishes, so your kitchen remains clean while you entertain. We all know the kitchen is where guests love to congregate, so why not keep it as tidy as possible? Some butler’s pantries even include dishwashers to get ahead on the loads.

Where Will a Butler’s Pantry Fit in Your Home?

Perhaps you love the idea, but just don’t know if it’ll fit in your home. Our in-house designers have helped clients think creatively about where to carve out space for butler’s pantries. Here are some of ideas for locations:

  • Hallway between the kitchen and dining room
  • Underused closet
  • Desk area in the kitchen
  • Dead space in the kitchen

You can keep the pantry partially open like the Hopkinton butler’s pantry featured to the left or close it off entirely using pocket or swinging doors. If you decide to close it off, remember it’s best to have some natural light whenever possible so the space is welcoming. A well lit countertop is a must in every butler’s pantry.

Looking for design ideas for your next butler’s pantry? Check out these ideas from Elle Decor, 45 Functional Butler’s Pantries with Endless Charm.

We’ve incorporated butler’s pantries alongside some beautiful kitchen renovations over the years. Here’s a sampling of the quality work you can expect when you select JM Construction as your design/build firm.

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