Can Your Style Affect Your Home’s Value?

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Designing your home in a theme that reflects your personality is a great way to express yourself. Not only can you put your signature style on display, but you can also find inspiration and motivation from your surroundings on a daily basis. One question we hear homeowners ask from time to time is whether or not going all-in on your design of choice will affect the home’s value. While this may or may not be a concern, there is a related matter to keep in mind.

Let’s say you’re taking on a home renovation project and you want to transform your house into a Mid Century Modern abode. You could deck the walls with wood paneling and tropical wallpaper, and illuminate the house with Sputnik-inspired chandeliers and geometric sconces. Upholstery may sport vibrant colors like orange or teal, contrasting with hardwood floors. And you might even go so far as to build “breeze block” walls on the exterior. These retro updates will amount to one big statement. But the most important thing is to create what you love and what you’ll enjoy for years to come. Unless you’re undergoing a home reno with the intention to sell, don’t focus on value or appealing to hypothetical buyers.

That said, there is one important reason to exercise some caution when styling your home in such a distinct way: Forcing a unique style onto a truly traditional New England home can look, well, forced. “Going from a New England home to a modern style is a hard transition to make,” says JM Construction’s designer. You may be able to pull off the sleek lines and bold accessories associated with various modern styles, but it’s important to find the right balance. Our designer recommends mixing traditional materials like marble and stained woods to naturally merge these two opposing designs.

Having trouble squaring your design preferences with your existing interiors? Book a project consult with us and we can pinpoint the right balance between self expression and the tried and true New England style.

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