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Creating Natural Light While Eliminating Mold

Home renovations take time and dedication from both the design/build firm and the homeowner. Contractors will be in your home, using loud equipment, and frequently checking in with you. Rather than reliving the entire experience, you can save time and additional headaches by having your home reno contractor take care of some persistent issues while they’re already working on your home.

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Custom Touches in Multifunctional Spaces

Custom Touches for Multifunctional Spaces

Basements are often a missed opportunity. They’re one of the largest spaces in a home, yet they’re often relegated to one or two purposes. Take, for example, this 1922 Wellesley colonial’s formerly unfinished basement. Our client wanted to transform this space – which was then used as a typical storage and utilities area – into its own multifunctional apartment.

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ennifer Collins, Design Manager - JM Construction MetroWest

Jennifer Collins, Design Manager

Jennifer is our Design Manager with over 15 years of experience in custom interior design. Her job at JM Construction is to work one-on-one with our clients to design spaces that feel richly personalized and turn their ideas into visual references for the rest of the team.

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Keeping Your Home Comfortable for Your Senior Pet

Aging is a part of life. And even though they feel like playful children that never grow up, the same goes for our pets. Often this means changing your cat or dog’s diet, adding medication to their regimen, and helping them navigate the home as their mobility decreases. While it’s never fun to see a pet trade its active lifestyle for a more relaxed routine, there are several steps you can take to keep your senior pet happy, healthy, and safe in their later years.

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