Your Top 10 Renovation FAQs, Answered

Behind every renovation project is a hard-working production manager who manages everything behind the scenes and in front of the team. Steve Parnell, who has worked with JM Construction for the [...]

Remodeling Contracts: What to Know

Know your rights before you sign a contract with a general contractor. Reviewing Remodeling Contracts Take time to review remodeling contracts before signing them to make sure they follow the [...]

How to Prepare for a Home Addition

Many homeowners find themselves looking to add square footage, living space, and value to their home. Deciding on a home addition is no simple matter, and there are several aspects to consider. [...]

What Will a Bathroom Renovation Cost?

You are finally ready for your bathroom renovation. You have collected pictures of different types of tile and fixtures. You know the look that you want, but now that the opportunity is here you [...]

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