Creating Natural Light While Eliminating Mold

Home renovations take time and dedication from both the design/build firm and the homeowner. Contractors will be in your home, using loud equipment, and frequently checking in with you. Rather than reliving the entire experience, you can save time and additional headaches by having your home reno contractor take care of some persistent issues while they’re already working on your home.

That’s exactly what our client did. The family’s primary focus was to bring more natural light into their bathroom, which only featured a small window and a skylight. Specifically, they wanted to really lighten up their shower. However, they also had a mold and moisture problem that they had begun to address but still needed to be eradicated. The homeowners realized that having JM Construction kill two birds with one stone would save them time and money.

Directing more sunlight toward the shower was a challenge because we couldn’t create a bigger window; we could only work with the light that we had. So instead of bringing the light to the shower, we brought the shower to the light. This required flipping the bathroom’s plumbing – and the shower itself – to the opposite wall.

The family had a bathtub/shower combo and was using a shower curtain, which was blocking the light. We replaced it with a shower stall with a contemporary look and, most importantly, a glass door that softened and spread the natural light coming in from the windows.

At the same time, JM Construction was able to pick up where the client left off with their powder room. Mold growth led them to tear up the room, but they hadn’t completely gotten rid of the moisture problem. We resolved the problem and subsequently gave the powder room a facelift. While we were there, we also added more functionality and storage to their laundry area.

If the homeowner waited to take care of their moisture problem, they would’ve eventually had a specialist or crew come back into their home, interrupt their schedule, and pay more money. But since JM Construction knows all about mold and moisture, we were able to fix the problem while we were also providing some much-needed natural light and aesthetics updates to their home.

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