Custom Kitchen Storage

Creative Storage Solutions for Luxury Homes

Storage space is a necessity in any home, including luxury homes. You can’t just leave your stuff on the floor. Everything should be put away in its designated place so it can be found and used as needed and kept out of the way when not. However, one of the perks of remodeling your home is that you can add creative storage solutions to your luxury home. 

Creative Kitchen Islands

The kitchen island is a tried and true storage solution for pots, pans, and other cooking utensils. The concept itself isn’t necessarily creative, but you can get creative with the interior for more efficient storage solutions. 

Lazy susans inside the cabinets can make it easier to get things that would otherwise be hidden all the way in the back. Or the kitchen island can have cabinet doors that reveal pull-out drawers inside instead of shelves. Basically, with a little creativity, your kitchen island can become a more efficient storage option than your traditional cabinets. This can save you from needing to turn a closet into a pantry or stacking heavy pots on precariously high shelves.

Narrow Cabinets for Tight Bathrooms

Not every bathroom is particularly large. In fact, if you have a guest bathroom in the hallway, storage space might be hard to come by. However, if you get creative, you can find ways to turn the narrow spaces into premium storage.

There could be a gap between the wall and the shower that you could install shelving or insert a tallboy cabinet into. This would be ideal for towels, toiletries, makeup, hair dryers, and other necessities you want in the bathroom. Keeping them in a cabinet with a door as opposed to open shelving helps keep everything safe from the moisture in the air, preventing mildew, while keeping a clean and tidy aesthetic.

Closets and Shelves Under the Stairs

The space under the stairs is shockingly underutilized. Depending on the layout of your home, this space is absolutely perfect for bookshelves or even an entire coat closet. This space can even be used for nontraditional wine storage, as it typically doesn’t see much light. This keeps your wine collection safe, level, and easily accessible for when you want a bottle of Bordeaux, or Cabernet Sauvignon to share at a dinner party.

Another creative storage solution for your stairs is installing drawers. Like with the kitchen island, concealing the drawers with cabinet doors makes the exterior look unassuming, while the deep drawers can hold a surprising amount of goods like sports equipment or pet supplies. Really, with a little imagination and a great design, the space under your stairs could become the best storage you could ask for.

Don’t fear losing your luxury home to unsightly clutter. With some creative remodeling, you’ll get all kinds of unique storage solutions for your custom home. Contact us today and we can help you design and construct the cabinets, closets, and drawers that will make use of every square foot of your home.

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