Custom Touches in Multifunctional Spaces

Custom Touches for Multifunctional Spaces

Basements are often a missed opportunity. They’re one of the largest spaces in a home, yet they’re often relegated to one or two purposes. Take, for example, this 1922 Wellesley colonial’s formerly unfinished basement. Our client wanted to transform this space – which was then used as a typical storage and utilities area – into its own multifunctional apartment.

To make the basement as independent from the rest of the house as possible, it would need all the normal comforts of an apartment, including a living room, kitchenette, bathroom, and laundry room. We also carved out a large area to be used as a workout space.

The cement floor was less than comfortable, so we installed luxury laminate hardwood flooring, helping make the area more warm and inviting. And while there is some natural light from windows, we added dimmable recessed lighting, which will come in handy both night and day. With enough room to include some furniture, this space doubles as an entertainment room.

Through the door is the multifunctional dining area, which contains the kitchenette with a white granite countertop and a table that can seat four. The white cabinets are unobtrusive but are large enough to store everything from place settings to kitchen tools. This flows naturally into the bedroom, which fits a fold-out bed and dresser, and has convenient access to the bedroom.

Creating the bathroom was a particular challenge. We had to identify the best location for the bathroom based on the existing soffits, and were able to situate it next to the existing stairwell between the basement and first floor. This enabled easy access and provided a wall against which we built the kitchenette. We outfitted the bathroom to fit the style of the rest of the home, using white ceramic sink and white tiles from Tiles Plus More.

The client also requested a private entrance to the apartment. With the only existing outdoor access point being a bulkhead, the solution was obvious, but far from simple. We removed the bulkhead, but needed more room to include handrails. We expanded the staircase, rebuilt the stairs with new materials, and added a standard door. This separate entrance helps add another layer of privacy to the basement apartment.

Whether they’re used as an in-law suite, a place for adult children who move back home, or even just a private spot for visitors, these kinds of renovations are a popular way to create a multifunctional space. Learn more about the possibilities of a luxury basement renovation in our article, 8 High End Features that Set Luxury Basements Apart.

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