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Good communication is critical for client satisfaction. For a renovation to run seamlessly, our clients and our own teams (design, production, and trade partners) have to share centralized project documentation and real-time progress reports. Nothing is more frustrating than when miscommunication disrupts a project – when a contractor doesn’t show, leaves unclear instructions, offers only limited options, or texts one spouse’s cell, leaving the other out of the loop. Clients today expect more – as they should.

To keep everyone on the same page, we use a comprehensive, web-based project management platform called BuilderTrend.

It houses and manages all of our remodeling contracts, designs, project plans, schedules, daily logs, project status updates, product selections, invoices, online payments, and change orders. BuilderTrend’s customer portal allows instant access to real-time progress photos and daily updates from your Project Manager as new information is added. The logs include pictures of the day’s work, so if you are remote, you can keep tabs from a distance. If you are local, you will have a full record of your project’s day-to-day progress and important documentation like project plans, contracts, and change orders.

Since its implementation in 2017, president Jeff McLinden thinks it’s made a huge impact, “BuilderTrend minimizes stress for our clients by having a clear, consistent way of communicating, updating, and documenting literally everything having to do with their project. It helps us to consistently deliver an exceptional remodeling experience to all of our clients.”BuilderTrend allows for two-way communication, so you can send messages to your project team using your PC, mobile device or tablet. You can ask questions or make comments keeping the discussions flowing if you happen to miss each other during the work day. You can easily access your BuilderTrend portal through the client login button at the top of our website.

Here’s a short video describing the many features of BuilderTrend.

We use most of these and will add more if we determine it will improve our clients’ experience. Our goal is to keep all parties informed at all times. Since our implementation of BuilderTrend, we’ve made great strides toward making this happen.

If communication was one of your concerns when selecting a remodeling contractor, here are 10 others that may be top of mind: Your Top 10 Renovation FAQs, Answered.

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