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When to Double Up on Luxe

So many things are better in pairs. Pockets. Chopsticks. Cufflinks. And, in a growing trend in home building and remodeling—appliances. At JM Construction, we’re learning that two often is better than one, especially when it comes to dishwashers, sinks, ovens, refrigerators, and more. The possibilities may not be endless, but they’re definitely doubled!

Dishes in Double Time

The double-dishwasher trend has become one of efficiency, cost-savings, and space-optimization. Why ever empty a dishwasher if you can store and retrieve clean dishes in one while loading dirty dishes into the other? Then, switch! Not only is a second dishwasher often more roomy than the cabinet space it replaces, but it can also be cheaper than actual cabinets, in some cases. In certain situations, you don’t need an expansive kitchen to fit the extra appliance—just the willingness to part ways with a traditional two-foot-wide base cabinet. 

Twice Baked

Most of us can recall an assembly line of items waiting to go into the oven just prior to a dinner party, holiday meal, or festive occasion. While you might not use a double oven daily, once you’ve experienced the benefits, it becomes an invaluable sidekick for the bigger gigs. Enjoy reduced cook time, better control over different dishes, and relief for your back (as they are often installed at waist or arm height) – and all for only a fraction more than a single oven.

Sinks in Sync

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and nearly everyone has their hands in the sink for one reason or another. Instead of trying to balance dishes and prep work, divide and conquer with separate sinks and faucets. Island prep sinks can be life-savers for other reasons, often doubling as bar sinks for parties or ice-bins for drinks. Pot-filler faucets are another two-fer we’re fond of; in addition to the extra faucet a prep sink provides, pot filler faucets take the “heave-ho” out of stovetop cooking.

A Cool Duo

As we said in our Dreaming of a White Kitchen blog, we often recommend you go easy on the appliances. And when we say “go easy,” we mean, “get the appliances that make your life easier.” Having options like the Thermador under-counter refrigerator and the Subzero refrigerator and freezer in this Wellesley kitchen can help you (and your beverages) keep cool when the kitchen heats up.

Dangling Doubles

Beautiful lighting can nicely accent a space, and pendants are one of our favorite kitchen accents. Double pendants not only provide additional light, but add dimension and really define spaces such as islands and breakfast nooks. Check out this farmhouse favorite from one of our kitchen remodeling projects.

Whatever the reason to up the ante (and the appliances), our professional team has the experience to create a finely-crafted, finished result that fits your space and your needs. Inspired to double up? Request a project consult and start a conversation.

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