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Ask the Builder: What Should Every Great Shower Have?

Dear JM Construction,

Upgraded showers seem to be all over Pinterest and Houzz lately. As much as I’d love a luxury shower experience, what features are worth the investment and which ones go right down the drain?

Karen from SherbornDear Karen,

From his-and-her showerheads, to shower areas the size of small bedrooms, luxury showers have replaced soaking tubs for a lot of busy homeowners. Choosing the right features isn’t always easy, especially if you’re limited by your bathroom’s square footage, plumbing, and budget.

That said, here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your “perfect” shower.

  1. Check your water pressure. How your house and bathroom is plumbed can have a dramatic difference on how much water you can get at one time, especially if you’re looking for a shower system that can send water to several areas simultaneously. Inadequate pressure will definitely dampen your spirits here; in this case, you’d be better off to focus your efforts on a showerhead/wand system with a clear diverter so you can make the most of the pressure you have.
  2. Size isn’t everything. Huge showers look luxurious, but they come with downsides you should consider before knocking down walls to create them. Remember, the bigger the shower, the harder it is to trap that steamy heat so many of us love—unless you’re also willing to add more showerheads or steam functions. They are also more expensive to tile, take longer to clean, and aren’t always the best use of space.
  3. Prepare for a higher water bill. The more showerheads you have, the more water you will use—even with water-saver showerheads. Make sure to factor that into your long-term expenses.

Go for finishes that are easy to maintain. Marble is beautiful, but unforgiving when it comes to spots from hair dye or metal razors, so plan accordingly.  If opting for tiny mosaics, look for top-of-the-line grouts and sealants that will ease the care factor. Glass shower doors are a must for most, necessitating a quality squeegee and dedication to proper care. Want more specific advice for your situation? We’d love to walk you through your options.

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