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Five Accent Lighting Ideas We Love

After combing through our recent renovation projects, we were “turned on” by the many different ways our designers and homeowners are lighting up their spaces. We’ve highlighted our favorites below with tips on how to select the right accent lighting styles for your home.

Get inspired.

Fresh from our She-Shed project for a local artist, this wall sconce features great function with amazing form. Like everything in this Sherborn art studio design, the details were thoughtful, imaginative, and purposeful. Take a nod from this homeowner and look at accent lighting as an opportunity to light—and enlighten—the way.

Cast a (good) glow.

[vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column width=”1/3″]When contemplating types or the placement of wall sconces, consider frosted or directed glass for those lights that are in close proximity to work stations or sinks, or lights placed at eye level. This will keep squinting to a minimum and prevent you from “seeing spots” every time you flip the switch.

Take sides.

One trend we are loving is the use of wall sconces in the kitchen. Over key worktops or on either side of windows (as seen above), wall lighting works great in kitchens with varying ceiling heights or minimal space for overhead lighting. Sconces, like the porcelain and steel versions above, also give homeowners and designers another opportunity to insert a functional design element.

Mix and match styles.

Stepping back from the sink, the view introduces generous pendants over the stone-and-wood island in the same kitchen. Reminiscent of milk glass, the pendants cast a soft spotlight while gracefully nodding to their porcelain farmhouse counterparts that flank the sink.

Think bigger.

Great accent lighting can come from anywhere, whether it’s a great floor lamp or a bedside sconce. In the case of this gorgeous dining room pendant, it comes from above. This two-toned modern light fixture is nearly as wide as the table below it, but what it plays up in size, it simplifies with its clean, linear design.

We know how easy it is to get overwhelmed by choices when it comes to lighting (and especially accent lighting), and we hope this helps narrow the field. Whether you are looking for lighting as a finishing touch or the “lightbulb” to inspire a new design, our design team is here to help.

Just request a project consult to start the conversation!

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