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Choosing to renovate your kitchen is a significant undertaking, and there’s a lot to consider. This is a space in your home that sees activity day and night. You cook, entertain, connect, and do life in your kitchen, and you want it to function in the best ways it can. If you’ve seen before and after kitchens that inspire you, where do you begin planning the changes for your own kitchen? 

When it comes to making major changes in this all-important area of your home, there are so many choices to make. Will you replace your cabinets and countertops? What about sinks and appliances? How might the layout and the lighting in the room change? How much will it cost, and how will it change the ways you and your family engage in the space?

If you’re thinking about updating your kitchen, it’s helpful to see inspiring before and after kitchen renovations from local contractors to get your imagination running. That way, you’ve got a solid idea of what companies in your local area have to offer.

In this post, we’re showcasing a few of our favorite kitchen remodeling projects so you can get an idea of what our team can do for you. Before we jump into them, though, let’s talk about how seeing before and after kitchens can help you envision possibilities.

How Before and After Kitchens Help You See Possibilities 

Taking a close look at examples of before and after kitchen renovations can help you get a clear picture of what kinds of changes you might like to make in your home. Once you compare and contrast your current space with what’s possible, your entire perspective can change. 

For example, some of the most noticeable drawbacks of an older kitchen include:

  • Low lighting
  • Dark work areas, particularly underneath overhead cabinets
  • Cramped spaces 
  • Older appliances with fewer bells and whistles 
  • Outdated fixtures and cabinetry
  • Poor flow throughout the room

A kitchen renovation can correct these issues, updating the room and building out a space you and your family truly love. Changes both large and small can make an impact, too. Whether you just want to make a few tweaks or open up the floor plan completely, we can transform your small or dated kitchen into its own beautiful, functional space.

Now, let’s take a look at a few of our favorite recent kitchen renovations. 

#1. Remodeling a 1970s Colonial Kitchen

Our clients love their MetroWest town and the neighborhood where they’ve raised their family. However, they wanted to upgrade the layout of their kitchen. Along with that, they were ready to incorporate all the convenience that modern design elements and appliances provide.

Before and after kitchen renovation

Before we began, we took stock of the homeowners’ existing space. They wanted to create a more functional space for their family, but that would require relocating the entire kitchen. To accommodate this, we would need to plan a major home remodel for the remainder of the home’s first floor.

Given the scale of the project, some homeowners might have opted out to sell. But this family went all in, and the results are stunning.

The finished kitchen renovation is a beautiful, open space filled with natural light and all the modern bells and whistles the homeowners were looking for. In addition to new cabinetry and a wide island with plenty of seating, we added: 

  • An apron-front Fireclay sink
  • Built-in coffee maker and coffee bar
  • New appliances including a Suvie oven, vacuum sealing drawer, steam oven, under counter double drawer refrigerator, and induction cooktop
  • Electronic charging station for the family’s devices
1970s white kitchen reno

As part of the home remodel, we added radiant floor heat for the entire first floor for increased comfort, especially on those cold winter mornings. Finally, the client has requested that we reuse their existing espresso machine, so we were sure to bring that into the new space.

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#2. Opening Up an Obstructed 1916 Antique Farmhouse Kitchen 

One of our most interesting projects to date is located in an antique 1916 farmhouse. In this case, an unused brick chimney and several interior walls were obstructing the open floor plan the homeowners wanted for their kitchen. So, our team set about carefully removing the chimney and the unneeded walls, while staying true to the home’s historical style.

The homeowners wanted an open-concept floor plan with an expansive island to provide more seating for their family of 5. It was important to create plenty of places for their three daughters and their friends to sit, visit, and dine together. This is an amazing example of before and after kitchen, and we’ll show you why.

JM Construction farmhouse modern kitchen renovation

Once the floor plan was opened up, we were able to add the spacious island the homeowners wanted, complete with an island cooktop and ceiling-mounted vent hood. This created the functional and social atmosphere they were looking for.

Take a look at the ceiling-mounted hood. Our clients were concerned that a standard island hood would disrupt their open concept vision, so our designer worked with them to select the hood pictured above. It features a soffit design to house appliances within coordinated built-in cabinetry. 

The homeowners also wanted a dedicated under-counter beverage refrigerator in the island to make the best use of available space — and to keep everyone hydrated and happy. Along with built-in, updated appliances, they’re maximizing everything the room has to offer.

As an added bonus, we made space for a wall-mounted TV in the kitchen so the homeowners can watch their favorite programs while they cook and entertain. The sliding barn door keeps the kitchen separate from their new mudroom, while incorporating a farmhouse element that’s true to the home’s antique, 1916 style.

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