Home Reno Projects for Dogs

Home Renovations for Dogs: Washing Stations, Built-In Pet Beds, & More

We love our pets and always want the best for them. So when planning your next renovation, don’t forget to consider your dogs’ needs in addition to your own. Here are some ideas to make you, Rex, and Fluffy very happy.

Pet Washing Station / Dog Shower

If your pet loves to romp in wet, muddy spaces, then a dog shower should be top on your wish list. Pet parents of large dogs know how difficult it can be to get Rex into the bathtub, and let’s not even mention the dreaded shakedown when it’s over. We love our pets, but they can be m-e-s-s-y!In the last several years, clients have opted to incorporate a pet washing station into their mudroom renovations, which not only helps you wash Rex after a splash in the stream, but can help you and your dirty, muddy, sandy kids after returning from the day’s adventures.

The New York Times and Today.com note the growing demand for this very practical home feature. Looking for design ideas? Decorpad shows how others have incorporated washing stations into home renovations in their collection of dog shower photos.

Built-In Bed / Dog Kennel

Are you tired of looking at your own Faraday cage in the middle of your kitchen? Crates can be very useful to contain your pet and keep them feeling safe and snug, but perhaps you don’t want a crate front and center in your newly designed space. You have two options: Create a nook for your pet’s crate or replace the crate with a built-in.

If your pet can move from a crate to a cubby, an attractive option is a built-in pet bed incorporated directly into your cabinetry. Your pet can still enjoy the snug feeling of safety but without the accompanied eye sore.

In a recent Wellesley remodel, the crate was a keeper so we tucked it under a countertop. Look at all of the storage space above the crate in this practical, attractive, and pet-centric mudroom.

Dog Runs / Ramp for Mobility

It’s important for your pet’s health to get exercise and fresh air. A dog run is a great solution. We’ve seen your creative snow blown paths letting Rex run unencumbered after the Nor’easter, so we know this is important for New England pet owners.In warmer months, have you considered dog run solutions? We loved some of these ideas from HGTV about what it takes to create a chic and shaded dog run.As your pet ages and mobility declines, you may need a ramp so your pet can continue to climb steps and move freely through your home. Ramps are a good solution to give them the freedom to wander. We can incorporate dog runs and ramps into your next remodel if this is a need that you are facing. 

Suitable Flooring for Dogs

Let’s face it; we love when our pets run to greet us, but those beautiful new floors don’t love it as much. Pets cause more damage to floors than we can, so we need flooring that can withstand the beating. Look for flooring that is hard, durable, and definitely scratch and stain resistant. If you lean toward tile, here are some good options to consider.At JM Construction, we have talented in-house designers with lots of ideas to make your reno work for you and your dogs. Let us know what you’re thinking, and we’ll schedule a consultation.

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