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Inspiring Accessory Buildings: Venturing into “Outer Space”

Though Boston’s MetroWest is known for suffocating restrictions on certain types of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), those restrictions are beginning to lift. They’re also only applicable to certain property sizes and types of accessory buildings. Once you understand where an outside structure is possible, the possibilities are endless. “These outer spaces are really blank canvases,” said our designer at JM Construction. “There’s so much to offer right in your own backyard.” So open that door, step outside, and consider the possibilities of accessory buildings with us.

Give Her Space with a She Shed

Man caves have gotten quite a bit of attention over the years, from design magazines to network television shows. So it’s time to give our ladies a bit of attention as we focus on she sheds. Whatever your style, we are here to help you create your getaway gal-space. From out-of-office retreats to out-of-this-world studios, JM’s in-house design team will work with you to capture the she shed inspiration you are searching for.

A Pinch of Whimsy: Creative Kids’ Spaces

Playhouses for kids are not a new thing, but their styles have certainly evolved over the years. We’ve seen everything from open-to-nature A-frames to fully enclosed tiny houses, complete with a second floor. Lighting and style are cheerful and lighthearted, just like the children they house. And don’t let your imagination stop with the kids—many of the spaces we design can double as adult hideaways once the kids have flown the coop.

All Decked Out with a New Place to Go

Sometimes, thinking—and getting—outside the box takes only a few steps. Decks are one of the easiest ways to venture into “outer space” without going too far or requiring a large footprint. Decks are also adaptable to uneven and sloping terrain and are an easy extension of your living space. Extend the seasons with outdoor heating options and add landscaping to continually improve the view. Whatever your decking ideas, we at JM Construction would love to hear about them!

Capturing Nature’s Essence in the Kitchen…Literally

People love to gather in the kitchen, one of our favorite social hubs—but sometimes the heart of the home needs to stretch its legs. Welcome to an outdoor kitchen, complete with grill, stovetop and brick pizza oven! Keep a garden close by and your summertime grocery needs are within reach. Make sure to include plenty of seating—this is a gathering place with staying power.

A World of Creativity, Only a Few Steps Away

Having your own space to create is sacred. For artists, it’s a necessity. JM Construction is passionate about partnering with you to create and design inspiring workspaces, whether they’re for painters, sculptors, knitters, writers, readers, or gardeners.

Always dreamt of a studio in a barn? How about incorporating repurposed barn wood on your door frames and tables? Walls could be adorned with your own creations, and windows could be open to nature’s views.

Swimmingly Stunning Pool Houses or Guest Suites

The convenience of a pool house is invaluable when you’re spending the day soaking with the family. Why not get creative in this vein by including upstairs guest suites or game rooms to maximize your “upward” footprint? We’ve seen the aforementioned outdoor kitchen combined with pool spaces as well. The sky (or your yard, rather) is the limit for these accessory buildings. We’re here to dream with you and discover the possibilities!

From functional outer spaces to family landing places, your outdoor getaway is closer than you think. Start brainstorming here, and we’ll help you come up with an outdoor accessory building that brings the outdoors to a whole new level.

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