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JM Construction Co. Gives Its Remodeling Business a JumpStart

Every business – JM Construction included – wants to leave each day, each project, and each fiscal year better than they found them. Good businesses do this as a natural part of their interactions; great businesses actively seek out ways to improve, not only to surpass their competitors, but to exceed their own expectations.

Of course, this all sounds fantastic, but the mechanics of identifying, simplifying, and improving processes and workflows takes time, experience, and energy. This is why JM Construction joined efforts with like-minded remodeling businesses around the country–to learn from, collaborate with, and motivate each other to keep improving.

Reassessing Every Business Process and Defining Goals

After a two-day JumpStart meeting in June 2017, we headed to St. Paul, Minnesota for our first Round Table with several of our industry peers. There we touched on nearly every aspect of running a successful, professional remodeling business. We delved into project management tools, time management practices, and production efficiencies. We talked about hiring techniques and team building. We discussed at length how to improve the customer experience, from increasing the quality of leads to providing accurate estimates and improving overall customer satisfaction.

I walked into this meeting a little overwhelmed, and this is with the knowledge that there are so many things JM Construction does right. We know our craft. We trust our teams. We keep our customers informed of progress and setbacks. The goal with these meetings isn’t to maintain status quo, however; we gather because we have much to learn from each other. And because there are always ways to do things better, especially when it comes to making sure great employees and great customers want to keep working with us.

Pinpointing the Keys to Success for JM Construction

By the end of the Round Table, we had looked at the areas of need and the markers of success. We set trackable goals for improvement and accountability standards to meet those goals before our next meeting in six months.

It’s not lost on me that we are a remodeling company that constantly seeks to improve the way we build relationships and our business. The trick is not to fix what isn’t broken; the trick is to create a company that functions like a well-designed house; one that accommodates, grows, changes, and improves without compromising the overall integrity and design.

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