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JM Construction’s Proven Process for Design/Build 

Have you been hunting for a design/build remodeling company to make your dream home a reality? You need an experienced firm with a proven process that delivers results. For over 35 years, JM Construction has established such a process that has become critical to our identity. It’s allowed us to significantly enhance our relationships with our clients and given them a positive remodeling experience.

JM Construction’s Proven Process


Our Proven Process starts with your vision. Look at your home and determine what you want to see when you walk through the door. We suggest gathering your thoughts by joining our monthly newsletter and checking out our blogs, which provide remodeling and renovation ideas and inspiration. Once you have an idea of what you want, schedule a Project Consult with us to begin turning your vision into reality.


Once you request a Project Consult you will receive an email/video response within twenty-four hours. This comes with a calendar link to schedule a convenient time for you to meet your Project Consultant. For this initial meeting you can choose to meet via Zoom or phone call within seven days of your request. 

During the Project Consult, we’ll spend about an hour getting to know one another, discussing your project, your expectations, and your goals. You’ll learn more about our process, core values, and philosophy so you can ensure they line up with your own. All the while we’ll discuss the costs, materials, and labor required for your project so you have the clearest idea of what to invest before committing to anything. Once you’re satisfied, we’ll make up a contract and get to work. 


At the design stage, you’ll meet your designer and show them the space you’re looking to remodel. We offer both video call options and in-person visits for your convenience, as both allow the architect to see the space for themselves and determine the best way to remodel it. 

design/build JM Construction

During the visit, we’ll help you conceptualize your vision and present a rendition of that vision, along with input and options to meet your particular desires and challenges. Then we will work with you to complete all the necessary product selections and ensure your vision is clear and accurate. 


Once the concept is mapped out on paper, it’s time to introduce you to your Design/Build Team. The team includes our carefully curated trade partners and in-house experts all working together. As opposed to traditional construction, design/build construction gives you a single point of contact, saving you time and money as you won’t be scheduling a dozen different contractors and keeping track of too many contracts at once.

Together, our team will review the construction plans and discuss the overall investment. Upon your acceptance of the Construction Proposal and Contract with JM Construction, pre-construction and progress meetings will be scheduled. Once all the product selections you’ve made with the designer arrive at our staging facility, we get straight to building. As we work, you’ll be given regular updates on the construction, from the progress to any challenges and how we resolve them. 

We do this in the interest of full transparency, as the relationship we build with you is important to us, and we want to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.


The last step of our Proven Process, once the construction is done and your space has been transformed, is ensuring that you love it. Our team is always eager to hear that you absolutely love your new space and we want to see how you celebrate it. Will you host family, friends, and neighbors at an open house event to show it off? If so, we’d be happy to help coordinate that with you! 

Of course, feedback is always appreciated once you’ve settled into your new space. If you love what we’ve done with the place and the ease of our proven process, why not spread the word? Recommend us to friends and family, write a Google review, and tell the world about your experience working with us and if we delivered on your vision. This way, you’ll help others find a design/build firm that will help them love their homes, too.

The Proven Process of JM Construction has allowed us to build a reputation in Massachusetts that we’re proud of. Reliability, efficiency, quality, and collaboration are key when giving our clients the home of their dreams, and we’re ready to do that for you. Start crafting your vision and contact us to begin building your ideal, custom home.

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