Living comfortably during a home remodel

How to Live Comfortably in Your Home During a Remodel

Our clients’ ability to live comfortably during their home renovation is very important to us. We know how difficult it is to be displaced, so we want to minimize that inconvenience. Our priority is to provide the solutions that help clients live as unaltered as possible during their home renovation.

According to HGTV, a major kitchen remodel can take three to five months to complete. That’s a long time if left on your own to figure it out and fumble along. Where will you wash your dishes? Will you eat out for that long? When you work with us, we brainstorm solutions that will work in your particular home. Just like remodels, we apply creative ideas to make the best use of available space, and in this case, to minimize temporary discomforts.

Here are some solutions we’ve employed to help clients live comfortably during a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Set up a temporary kitchen

This kitchen is typically equipped with a stand-up sink, refrigerator, portable oven with stove-top burners, and folding tables for convenient meal prep and clean-up. Who wants to kneel over a tub to wash dirty dishes for three to five months? Certainly not us or our clients.

In a recent home renovation in Hopkinton, we used a room above the garage for this temporary kitchen space including the use of their existing refrigerator for their convenience. In other homes, we’ve carved out spaces for temporary kitchens wherever they fit best. We’ve had families partition these spaces off or leave them open. We implement whatever works best for our clients.

Build a temporary staircase

A staircase can create a separate entryway to keep our clients distanced from our team during COVID-19 social distancing protocols. Rather than traipsing through this Wellesley home, we discovered that we could have direct access and isolate our team and the rooms being remodeled. Not only did we minimize the exposure between our clients and our team, but we also minimized the inconvenience of moving our equipment, supplies, and materials into their home. This was a simple solution that kept everyone safe and happy.

Build a temporary wall

Block a conjoining room with a temporary plastic “wall” or barrier to keep out the dust, cut down the noise, and offer homeowners more privacy and separation.

Sequence large projects

Complete major remodels in stages, so a bathroom is always available. In this Needham home, we completed renovations in two stages, so these homeowners always had a working bathroom at their disposal. It required a little extra patience on their part to sequence the renovations, but convenience trumped speed for this retired couple.

Thinking outside the box to please our clients is something we love to do. Our president, Jeff McLinden, agrees: “We aim to go above and beyond to deliver excellence not only in a beautiful end product, but in all interactions with our clients – before, during and after the project is complete.”If you’ve wanted to renovate, but you’ve been intimidated by the lifestyle inconveniences that accompany a renovation, get in touch. We can fulfill your vision while helping you live comfortably.

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