Meet the Team: Matt Cournoyer, Project Manager

Matt Cournoyer, Project Manager

Matt is a Project Manager who brings 5 years of experience in remodeling and framing to his role at JM Construction. His experience has been wide, working as a framer in Wrentham and as a remodeling subcontractor for several contractors in the area. He owned his own company on the North Shore for a stint, giving him a thorough understanding of how to manage projects from start to finish.

Matt Cournoyer, Project Manager Outdoors

His skills center around solid leadership and time management. Matt is recognized as a natural leader who is always on top of his work.

He makes smart decisions and models the dedication required for projects to run smoothly. Production efficiency and effective time management are some of his greatest strengths. You can find him on the phone in the early mornings getting everything lined up – a jump start to his productive day.

Matt is efficient both at work and at play, fitting in lots of his varied interests, like dirt bike racing, snowboarding, golfing, camping, and hiking.

Matt Cournoyer, Project Manager - JM Construction Snowboarding

For dirt bike races, he travels to tracks all over New England, but he says he doesn’t race competitively. It’s all for the fun and challenge of the sport. Originally from Norfolk, Matt is now single and lives in Attleboro.

Matt Cournoyer, Project Manager with Dirt Bike

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