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Wendy Ballou - JM Construction

If you’ve ever done work with JM Construction, then you’ve had the privilege to work with our Operations Manager, Wendy Ballou. Wendy has been with us since 1996. (To put it in perspective, 1996 was the year that Independence Day and Jerry McGuire were in the theatres. Like Cuba Gooding Jr., she said “show me the money”, and Jeff hired her on the spot.)

JM Construction was not her first foray into the construction industry. She worked part-time at a lumber company for a number of years, while working towards her degree in Business Administration at Quinsigamond Community College. Needless to say, Wendy knows a thing or two about remodels and construction projects.

As Operations Manager, she oversees business development and operations, provides job estimates, keeps the team informed about the business and ongoing projects, and works directly with clients to provide a quality experience. If our company was a computer, Wendy would be the CPU (and maybe sometimes the hard drive!).

When she’s not at the office, Wendy is very active as a team leader for her church’s world missions program. She has served on eight mission trips all over the world. On her last trip, she helped at a school in Guatemala. Her current role is to train an orphan ministry team to serve in Russia.

Wendy Ballou on her church mission to Central America
Wendy Ballou on her church mission to Central America

Wendy and her husband, Rick, run a small antique business together. They have slowed their business down more recently, but they still have their hands in it. Over the years, they have been both buyers and sellers at the Brimfield Antique Show. This Gov. Winthrop desk (pictured below) was one of Wendy’s favorite refinishing jobs that was ultimately purchased by a NY designer.

Wendy’s favorite refinishing job
Refinished desk

Above all, Wendy loves spending time with her family. She and Rick live in Northbridge, with a beloved rescue dog, Murphy, and a less beloved cat (He Who Must Not Be Named). Wendy and Rick enjoy taking care of their gardens and a small flock of chickens, who keep them stocked with yummy fresh eggs.

Wendy's family
Wendy’s family

What brings Wendy pure joy? Spending time with her granddaughter, Gabbie, who lives close by and started kindergarten this year. Being a grandma to this cutie is loads of fun!

Wendy's dog, Murphy
Wendy’s dog

So the next time you are at the office or have any questions, enjoy chatting with this multi-talented and interesting lady. We’re very lucky to have her.

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