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Meet the Team: Ashley Apodaca

 In In The Community

Our Design Assistant is no stranger to carpentry and construction. Her Dad is a Construction Project Manager, so she’s been exposed to the industry since she was young. When Ashley researched colleges, the size and quality of the woodshop was an important factor. She selected MassArt, which not only is a world-class art school but also has one of the most impressive woodshops in Boston. As an Architecture and Communication Design major, she was able to frequent it often.

After getting her degree, Ashley joined JM Construction filling an important and valued role on our Design team. As Design Assistant, she helps clients and JM Construction’s Designer make product and material selections. She assists in the ordering process and tracks the materials through to production. Her other tasks include assisting with the design drawings and perspective renderings, reaching out to vendors, and following through to ensure deliveries are received. She communicates with Project Managers to let them know what’s in the staging area ready to be brought to the job sites.

Ashley is not hesitant to ask questions, and everyone on the team is very open to sharing their knowledge and expertise. She thrives in a fast-paced environment. She’s determined and motivated and puts all of her effort into everything she does.

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