Meet the Team: Courtney Wall, Designer, Project Coordinator

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Meet our newest Designer and Project Coordinator, Courtney Wall. Originally from Northern California, she attended Long Beach State where she earned a BA in design. With her degree fresh in hand, she worked for a small design/build business for about 10 years in Southern California. Her role in this family-owned business was In-house Designer where she drafted floorplans and perspective views, and performed finish estimating.

A little over a year ago, Courtney and her boyfriend, Emery, moved to New England. She sold her car and half of her belongings, packed up a small SUV to the brim, and then road tripped across the country in 4 days flat.

Once here, she initially worked as a tile showroom Design Consultant in a retail setting, but her goal was to return to her design/build roots. We were happy to scoop her up! Courtney’s personality and skill set fit perfectly with the JM culture which she describes as, “extremely professional, but at the same time warm and welcoming.” 

This complements Courtney’s strengths. She’s great at connecting with people and has a natural intuition to read situations and pick up on energies. These are important skills when helping clients select a design direction. An added bonus…she’s also tech savvy, so she can create realistic views of what a space can be. As Designer, she produces drawings and helps clients select materials and finishes. She appreciates the importance of how function fits lifestyles and loves to make this a reality for her clients. 

As Project Coordinator, she answers onsite questions, keeps the jobs running on schedule, and ensures materials are being delivered when needed. She keeps things light and bright – you can always find a smile on her face.

What’s making her smile these days? Her new Black Lab puppy, Orion, which she’ll bring home at the end of the summer.  She describes herself as a homebody, so staying home with a new pup doesn’t sound so bad. As a big fan of movies, she’ll get a chance to watch lots as she trains Orion at her Framingham home. We wish her luck with this and wonder…maybe “Marley & Me” and “Bolt” are on the watch list?!

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