Remodelers Advantage Promotes Remarkable Cultures

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The Art of Building a Remarkable Culture was the very fitting theme for this year’s Remodelers Advantage Summit in Washington D.C.. Striving for excellence within a strong healthy culture has been central to our business for the last 35 years. We want to wow not only our clients, but our team members, vendors, and trade partners. Remarkable cultures are cultivated and developed over time and we were thrilled to learn some best practices in our industry to advance that mission.

President Jeff McLinden and Construction Manager Justin McLinden represented JM Construction as 1 of 500 companies in attendance. They gleaned valuable insights from the 3 keynote speakers and from the 4 educational tracks and 30 breakout sessions. Justin learned how other high-end remodeling companies are dealing with relevant issues in the industry with modern technology. He would like to consider bringing some of these tools to JM Construction’s clients. Here’s some innovative tech that made Justin’s wish list:

  • With the weather getting colder, infrared cameras can be used to determine where significant heat loss is present, or to determine the location of radiant heat floor piping for remodels.
  • Temperature and humidity sensors can graph data points that can be interpreted by HVAC technicians to solve any issues that may arise as clients crank up their heat this fall and winter.
  • “Tag” printers can create custom tags to label various parts of mechanical systems, shut-offs, etc. 
  • Matterport cameras are 3D cameras that take a 360 degree photo of its surroundings (no different than what you’d find on Zillow when taking a virtual tour through someone’s home). The benefit of using this during a remodel is when the walls are removed exposing the studs, you can have a record of where all of the utilities and mechanical systems are located before closing the walls back up.

Jeff agreed, “It was an amazing opportunity to hear best practices, in all aspects of improving and enhancing our client’s experience, firsthand, from seasoned companies all across the country.”

From 2018 until 2020, JM Construction participated in Remodelers Advantage Round Tables as members of a group of 8-10 companies that functioned like a board of directors. Jeff met with the leaders in his group in the spring and fall and in micro groups between the meetings. Prior to each meeting, members were required to submit all the matrixes of our companies – financials, accountability charts, sales stats, marketing plans – pretty much everything about our operations. Each member of the group reviewed each other’s information prior to the “round table” meeting then each company had one hour in the spotlight to ask for and receive feedback and input about any business issues they may be struggling with. Jeff says, “there’s an incredible amount of information shared, blind spots uncovered, and many times it avoids having to “reinvent the wheel” as they say. I think Justin and I agreed that it would be very helpful to get back involved in the round tables in the near future.”

Nothing is as inspiring as spending a few days with others who are equally passionate about remodeling and improving our businesses to create the best client experience possible. We are energized. Thank you Remodelers Advantage!

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