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Seeing is Believing: Tools Our Designers Use to Help You Select a Design

Seeing is believing. As a design/build firm, we have designers who help you visualize your renovated or new space. They learn what your design goals are and the style you’re looking to achieve. A designer’s primary task is to create a design that you will love and communicate that plan with you using several visual tools so everyone involved knows every detail. They do this using these helpful tools:

Concept Boards and 3D Perspective Views

Our designers bring lots of creative ideas to design discussions based on what you share about the look and feel for your renovation. You share your ideas through Pinterest boards, Houzz Ideabooks, photos, paint chips, fabric swatches, etc. – anything to communicate your vision. Our designer then shares concept boards to show design alternatives, and ultimately perspective views, which are 3D renderings of your room, to help you clearly visualize how your space will look. To create these, our designers use resources like Chief Architect, Photoshop, and photo tiles from vendors’ sites.

Perspective views are shared after selections are made to show you the proposed design. They can also be used when a client has difficulty deciding on a particular feature – like selecting lighting over an island. 3D renderings can show you how different light fixtures will look in the space, to help you select the one you’ll like the best.

Wellesley Guest Bath Design

Our clients from Wellesley agreed that a modern farmhouse style was right for their guest bathroom. Our designer knows that within this style there are different looks that can be achieved. So she used concept boards and perspective views to show them elements of a “cozy” modern farmhouse design versus a “classic” modern farmhouse design.

Generally, this couple preferred the “cozy” look with the black hex mosaic tiling in the shower and the patterned floor tile. They incorporated a few features from the “classic” perspective – the floating shelves and a neutral wall color made the final cut. They decided to forgo the herringbone shower tiling pattern for a more traditional square brickwork pattern. These 3D perspectives gave our clients confidence that their selections would create a finished project they love. Here’s the dramatic finished bath:

Sherborn Master Bath Design

This Sherborn renovation was completed in the midst of the pandemic in 2021 by a particular homeowner who worked as an analyst performing COVID-19 vaccine trials. So during a heightened and stressful time at work, she wanted this renovation to be anything but that. She and her husband envisioned a luxurious master bath featuring a shower with a curbless zero entry delivered without any hassle.

Here’s the 3D perspective view shared during the design phase: And here’s the nearly finished product:

The best part? What these clients shared about their experience working with us: “Superior workmanship. Superior service. They were phenomenal. It really did exceed our expectations, especially during COVID.”

Floor Plans and Interior Elevations

With all renovations, floor plans and interior elevations are helpful tools to share our designs and communicate the detailed plan to our clients, carpenters and vendors. A floor plan is a view from above that specifies all measurements. There are multiple types of floor plans – an existing floor plan and a proposed.

There is an electrical plan which specifies the placement of electrical fixtures, like an exhaust fan and lights. An interior elevation is a view from the front or side that shows details and dimensions. These are 2D mechanical drawings that include door styles, tile layouts, door placement, and heights and widths of every feature.

Hopkinton Luxury Kitchen Design

These Hopkinton doctors wanted a large open kitchen to entertain and in response we took down walls, installed a steel beam to remove unsightly columns, and built an open butler’s pantry to make use of unused space. Here’s some of the design deliverables from this project:

See the refrigerator and range elevations and compare to the final photos:

Here are design deliverables shared for the butler’s pantry:

The end result is exactly what these Hopkinton clients were looking for:  Desired functionality can be achieved through countless styles, so it’s very important that we fully understand your preferences. An experienced designer will help you envision your space and fine tune your optimal style by giving you clarity through concept boards, 3D perspective views, floor plans and interior elevations. Designers understand what is possible and what can and can’t be done in the available space and within your target budget.

And the best part – they always do it with precision and style!

Are you ready to talk to one of our designers about your space? Share your project ideas with us.

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