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What drives someone to give back to their community? Is it a value learned as a child? Have they personally been on the receiving end of generosity and enjoy paying it forward? Perhaps it’s the feeling they get when they serve. Scientific findings confirm that acts of kindness have a positive physical impact on our brains and bodies – increasing empathy, compassion and joy.

At JM Construction, we recognize the importance of giving back, so much so that it’s one of our core values. President Jeff McLinden’s commitment to service and helping others has definitely been contagious over the years. He’s surrounded himself with a like-minded team who shares this value. But why?

Service Was Foundational for Our Founder, Jeff

At an early age, Jeff’s neighbor and first employer, Leo Dalpe, influenced the trajectory of his life. He was like a second father to Jeff. Leo was a well respected custom home builder and remodeler who took Jeff under his wing and taught him important life lessons about working hard, striving for excellence, and valuing quality work. When Jeff became a father years later, he wanted to pour himself into supporting his kids and their friends in a similar way.

JM Construction Service Custom Bathroom Reno

For over 10 years, Jeff coordinated service trips all over the country teaching young adults construction skills so they could help others in need. Jeff loved seeing the transformation these trips had on the participants. He shares, “It was amazing to see the impact on these young people. Coaxing them out of their comfort zones taught them not only a bit about construction, but much more far reaching and impactful life lessons about the importance and reward of caring for others.”

Over the years, Jeff has helped lots of charities combining his passion for running marathons with his desire to help worthy causes. In his 32 years running marathons (including 14 Boston Marathons), Jeff has raised funds for great organizations like the Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center and the Timothy O’Connell Foundation. He loves to be able to contribute to these causes that are so important to him.

JM Construction Service Boston Marathon

He also is blown away by the support he receives in return. After one of his many marathons, Jeff had this to share about his experience: “The wonderful part is seeing the incredible generosity and support generated from all of my clients, friends and family. It is heartwarming to all come together around a common cause.”

How This Commitment Impacts the Team Today

We hire like-minded employees, so our team all rallies behind our core value of helping others. We find that we bond together as a group as we help other organizations reach their missions. Since construction projects are right in our wheelhouse, a favorite charity that we love to support together is Habitat for Humanity. We’ve served at construction projects for the MetroWest/Greater Worcester chapter using our skills to move their important projects along.

JM Construction Habitat for Humanity Service
Team helping with the build of 3 single family attached homes in Worcester.

We also love to serve the community in which we’ve been placed to make a difference in the town where we work. This fall we were able to come alongside Pearl Street Cupboard & Cafe packaging food for homeless families in Framingham.

These opportunities to bond together – all while helping others – are invaluable. We feel fortunate to be in a position to do it.

If you’d like to learn more about our team’s interests and backgrounds, visit our Meet the Team page.

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