Sherborn Luxury Bathroom Remodel

Sherborn Luxury Bathroom Remodel: Creating Beauty and Comfort

The design, look, and feel of the bathrooms in our homes have a greater impact on how we feel than many people realize! That’s because these are the spaces where we begin and end every day. A beautiful, clean, and comfortable bathroom can make a positive difference in your routine.

Our client in Sherborn approached our team about a luxury bathroom remodel in the fall of 2022. The homeowners, who live in a Colonial-style home built in 1955, wanted to upgrade their 200-square-foot bathroom space for not only style, but for comfort, too.

The homeowners wanted to focus on remodeling their existing primary bathroom, which was in desperate need of better storage, improved ventilation, and updated aesthetics. During the winter, their bathroom space was incredibly cold – especially the floor. In the summertime, it became unbearably hot and humid.

To add more comfort and aesthetics to the space, the JM Construction design team created the concept for a luxury bathroom remodel that is as attractive and inviting as it is functional. Upon completing the collaborative design process and the proposal was accepted, it was time to move forward with the renovation.

Let’s dive deeper into the upgrades they made to this beautiful new bathroom. 

Bringing a Luxury Bathroom Remodel to Life

It was important to our homeowners to upgrade their bathroom to a luxurious, comfortable, and attractive space that would feel as good as it looked. In addition to re-tiling the entire room, our team took on replacing the cabinetry, toilet, bath, shower, and all the fixtures, too.

The entire space got an overhaul that not only updated its look but also added much-needed comfort for the homeowners. 

A Freestanding Tub and Shower Fit for Royalty

First, we replaced the existing drop-in bathtub with a freestanding Victoria + Albert Barcelona freestanding tub by Waterspot alongside a spacious walk-in shower. This was a key design element and a major focal point of the space.

For the shower, we installed a beautiful Waterspot Rainshower Head with a satin nickel finish, as well as a hand spray fixture. The glass-enclosed shower offers plenty of space for comfort, and the roomy bathtub is perfect for a soak after a long day.

Our homeowners selected Eastern White Polished field tile by Tiles Plus More for the shower walls, bench, and wet lighting niche, which we lit by installing a light strip at the top of the niche. The light marble complements the bathroom’s generous natural sunlight, giving it an airy, spacious feel. We expanded on that natural lighting by adding a second-round window that matches one of the bathroom’s original existing windows.

Finally, we re-tiled the bathroom floor with Star Carrara Thassos Black Mosaic tile from Tiles Plus More.

Unparalleled Comfort While You Shower in Style

Aside from the aesthetic features of this remodel, we especially love the heat sources we added to bring unparalleled comfort to our homeowners. Since they’d discussed the bathroom’s tendency toward temperature extremes, we wanted to provide solutions that would help the bathroom not just look new, but feel new, too.

In addition to creating better ventilation for summer, we brought wintertime heating to the space. A hydronic towel heater and hydronic baseboard radiator, both by Lavalee, did the trick. Now, our homeowners won’t dread wintertime baths and showers! 

Cabinetry, Lighting, Paint, and Millwork

For the bathroom cabinetry, we replaced the original cabinetry with a double vanity by Sartini Woodworking. This white vanity features a beautiful gray marble countertop, double mirrors, and marble molding surrounding it. Its mirrors hang on a white shiplap wall, lending a sense of coziness to the luxurious room.

All lighting throughout the room was updated, in addition to all fixtures. The bathroom’s marble chair rail blends seamlessly into the wooden millwork on the room’s opposite side, where we installed white shiplap beneath the millwork. Finally, a fresh coat of light gray paint on the exposed walls lends a clean sense of balance to the space.

Are You Ready for Your Luxury Bathroom Upgrade?

Our team is ready to help you reimagine your existing bathroom. Together, we can create a beautiful, luxurious space where you can start and end your daily routine in style and comfort.

et in touch with us today to request a consult – we’re looking forward to bringing your project ideas to life!

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