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Three Approaches to Bathroom Design

When designer Christina Wikman from Christina Wikman Interiors met our clients from Sharon, MA, she saw endless possibilities for these empty nesters. There were three bathrooms in their 1970s Garrison colonial home that needed to be updated. The ’70s gave us some great designs for automobiles (VW Beetle) and airplanes (Concorde), but not so much for bathroom design!

The homeowners had actually done some updates to the bathrooms when they first bought the home when their kids were young, but it was time again to make some significant changes. After meeting with Christina, everyone agreed that major renovations were called for, which meant gutting and remodeling. Since we use the design/build remodeling concept, our clients enjoy a single point of contact for both the design and build phases of their project. Many vendors and contractors are involved, but we manage it all.

Once Christina understood our client’s needs and ideas for each of the three bathrooms, she presented complete designs for updating the layouts and configurations along with designs for all the finish selections. The goals for each bathroom were different; our plan had to accommodate each.

In the master bath, the homeowners wanted something peaceful and serene. They selected a neutral but warm tone. They also wanted to keep a clean and uncluttered look, a welcoming space to clear their heads.

Bathroom Renovation with Large Tub
This soaking tub is accompanied by a floor mounted tub filler and is surrounded by a marble mosaic tile. Photo by Jessica Delaney Photography.
Bathroom Vanity Renovation
Notice the custom shaped backsplash…a unique look that these homeowners fell in love with! Photo by Jessica Delaney Photography.

The upstairs bathroom was formerly the kids’ bath. Our clients wanted to have a little fun with color in this space. We used an aqua blue tone vanity and also incorporated a blue striped tile in the shower/tub surround. When the kids visit, they will enjoy this modern bold bath.

White Quartz Bathroom Renovation
We offset the colorful vanity with the crispness of a pure white quartz countertop. If you look closely at the floor tile, you’ll see a chevron mosaic pattern to add an interesting twist in this space. Photo by Jessica Delaney Photography.

For the downstairs bath, the homeowners preferred to stick to a classic look, but with a slightly modern feel. Christina suggested a white marble flooring, white subway tile, and a modern grid paneled wall for and interesting pattern. This wall, painted gray, was key in the design to help ground the space.

Easy Bathroom Renovation
The floor tile is 2″ hexagon white marble with gray accents to coordinate with the grid accent wall.

All three bathrooms certainly share some similarities: all plumbing fixtures were from the same manufacturer and were all supplied by the same supplier, Ferguson Enterprises. They are also all beautifully pulled together with a designer’s touch. Where they differ is in their feel; one is spacious and peacefully serene, another is bold, featuring mostly modern elements, and the third is predominantly classic with a striking modern accent piece.

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