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Transform Your Basement With a Remodel

Your basement is practically its own floor, yet so many homes don’t take advantage of this space. Instead of relegating it to storage or where you keep the furnace and washing machine, consider finishing and remodeling your basement. A basement has the potential to become a brand-new room that fulfills a specific purpose. With our remodeling services, we can transform your basement into a custom bonus space.

Game Room

A finished or unfinished basement can easily be converted into a game room perfect for entertaining guests. You can make the floors carpeted, hardwood, or tile, add shelves to keep board games, and get a pool or air hockey table. For the walls you can hang a dartboard or mount a flatscreen TV along with sports memorabilia. For an added bonus, you can even add a bar setup so all of your friends will want to come over for game night.

Children’s Playroom

A basement might not be the immediate thought of a kid-friendly place, but you can easily turn a basement into a great playroom or den for the kids. Plush carpet, brightly-colored walls, and storage for toys are simple ways to make it welcoming to your kids. Or you can get really creative with building a playhouse or slides that will keep your kids entertained all the time. It’s only limited to yours – and your child’s – imagination.

Wine Cellar

Is there anything that screams “class and luxury” like a wine cellar? Converting your basement into a wine cellar can be a great use of the space, especially if you have an extensive collection. You can keep your wine temperature-controlled and install climate control technology to keep humidity levels low so the corks don’t absorb moisture and mold is kept at bay. The basement also doesn’t get much natural light, so you can control the amount of exposure to light your wines get, too.

Home Theater

The basement is the perfect place to set up a home theater. It can be as dark as you want it so you’ll feel like you’re in a real movie theater. Be sure to add soundproofing to the walls and ceiling you’ll be able to dampen any sound effects that come from the surround sound so the rest of the house can stay peaceful. To really make your home cinema experience, add comfy recliners, buy a popcorn machine, install the biggest flatscreen TV your wall will allow, or even go the extra mile with a projector. Then you can host movie nights for friends and family, or just curl up with a glass of wine and your favorite comfort flick after a long day.

The basement is the hidden treasure of your home as it’s full of endless possibilities. Instead of letting it go to waste, let JM Construction remodel it and transform your basement into something spectacular. The basement could very well become your favorite room in the house by the time we’re done.

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