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Trendy Style vs Traditional Design: 5 Easy Ways to Stay in Style

Homeowners often ask us which styles have staying power and which trends they should avoid. Frequently, these are weighted questions because they are often highly personal. For instance, just because open floor plans are all the rage doesn’t mean you are going to like having so much exposure. And who’s to say that everyone’s long-term love affair with cool grays won’t eventually be warmed over by the next round of beige?

Whether you are redecorating your home or trying to stay stylish while you save up for a big remodel, keeping it updated is easier than you think, particularly if you take it a little bit at a time and focus on the pieces that are easy to swap out or re-style.

1. First, build a strong style foundation.

No one is afraid of neutrals; that’s why they’re neutrals. Soft whites, grays, taupes, and ivories set the tone for a home that can be ready for anything, whether you want to waltz a blue streak in your living room or fill your kitchen up with greens. If you don’t want to go neutral and want some insight into a color you’ll never get tired of, open your closet. There’s a good chance you’ve been wearing it for years.

2. Start with the most outdated items first.

If your home is filled with brassy highlights from the 1980s, it’s probably time to coax its style into this century. Swapping out doorknobs, door hinges, light fixtures, and faucets are relatively easy and inexpensive ways to give a room a quick facelift. Choose finishes that get along with the pieces that aren’t going anywhere, and don’t feel like you have to do every room at once. Start with the room you use the most and make sure you like it. Then move on from there.

Gold and White Style3. Everything is better with a little paint.

Never underestimate what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room. Light and airy hues are always a good bet. Just make sure you get paint swatches first (and take note of them at different times of day) to make sure the room agrees.

4. Keep pulling on a common thread.

While different places in the house have different functions and personalities, every room should be speaking roughly the same language. Start with a common palette and branch out from there. The goal isn’t to make every room match, but rather give the feeling that the spaces in the house belong to each other.

Modern Kitchen Style5. When in doubt, go with what you truly love.

It’s your house, after all. Resist the urge to pounce on every trend that comes around the corner; they have a way of slinking out of style just as quickly as they come. Instead, incorporate accessories, colors, and furniture that resonate with you or bring you joy. A home that brings you happiness will never fall out of fashion.

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