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Choosing a vanity for your bathroom remodel can be a time-consuming process. (After all, that’s how you landed here, right?) Whether you are researching vanities for small bathrooms or unique vanities with lots of storage, you’re not just looking for a piece to hold a sink. You’re looking for a statement piece that can hold its own.

A look through a few recent projects in our favorite neighborhoods in Boston’s MetroWest area tells us you’re not alone. Here’s what our homeowners chose for their bathroom remodel projects.

Perfectly Furnished

There’s a growing trend to repurpose vintage desks and dressers as vanity pieces, although few homeowners have the time or the skill to make them fully functional. That’s why we love this wood-toned conversation starter for a charming half-bath. It stands like a piece of furniture without having to reinvent the plumbing. Not only that, its honey stain warms up the deep turquoise walls and practically invites you to peek in its drawers. Not that you would, of course.

Half Bath Vanity with Printed Tiles
Pssst. Does that gorgeous tile make you smile?
Fancy Vanity
Check out this dramatic beauty... a furnished piece that certainly makes a statement.

All the Right Angles

Sleek lines and smoothed edges have cornered the modern aesthetic, and this trim full bath squares up in marvelous ways. This stately vanity, with its inset accents and full-circle knobs, nestles into the tiled floor and wall with quiet resolve. The bathroom has a lot to say, and this vanity holds its own without interrupting the conversation.

Modern Vanity

Sweetly Accommodating

Oversized Sink Vanity

Don’t let this demure black vanity fool you—it’s amazingly nimble in tight spaces. It may not look like much, but that porcelain sink is as luxurious as it gets. Politely tucked away in the corner to leave plenty of room for everything else, the abundant sink and rolled edges are soft to touch and easy to reach, thanks in part to the oversized bowl.

Tradition with a Twist

This classy single vanity is proud of all its details. From each framed drawer to its wraparound moldings, it wears its black countertop like a bowtie on a tuxedo shirt. Not just a pretty face, it lives to serve with plenty of storage for this master bath, all within arm’s reach.

Marble Vanity Wraparound

Sink into Symmetry

Vanity for Two

When a bathroom has to serve two masters, a synchronized effort works best. This double vanity also doubles the storage while offering a clutter-free outlet on its side to keep everything within reach. The glass tile backsplash adds another layer of style and function while anchoring the matching mirrors. (Explore the rest of this master bathroom remodel here).

Ready to add your statement vanity to the list? Our team of designers is here to help. Click here to start your project consult.

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