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Winter Planning for a Spring Remodel

Generally, winter isn’t the ideal time to remodel your home or even make extensive renovations. The cold, wet, and often unpredictable weather puts a damper on most construction projects. However, winter is the best time to start planning your spring remodel! Treat the snow outside as a blank slate and start dreaming up all the possibilities you can bring to life come spring.

See What Needs An Update

When you’re stuck inside your home during the winter, it’s easy to start noticing when a room isn’t working for you. Your kitchen doesn’t have enough countertop space for all of the baking you’re trying to do. The living room is too dark and could use bigger windows or a skylight. The basement could be transformed from a storage space into a multifunctional apartment. Planning a remodel of any of these could end up being the planning project that keeps you busy this winter.

Be Proactive

Winter is especially the time when you’ll notice if a room isn’t properly insulated. Drafts under the doors and around windows will absolutely be noticeable. These drafts aren’t just an issue in the winter – they also mean the room won’t be very energy efficient in the summer when the AC gets turned on. When you notice these issues in winter, they can be fixed in the spring, meaning they won’t be there when the summer finally hits.

Research Materials and Fixtures

You might not be able to start construction until spring, but this is really a blessing in disguise. Planning in winter gives you ample time to do your research on paint, lighting fixtures, flooring, and other materials.

As there’s no real rush to get started, you can spend extra time looking up which materials will work best for the room’s purpose, which might be eco-friendly or sustainably sourced, and which suit your aesthetic best. This extra time also lets you shop around and compare prices so you’ll be able to get the best deals and make the most out of your budget.

Get In Touch With A Top-Notch Contractor

The best part about starting your home remodeling planning in the winter is that you can get in contact with contractors ahead of time. Like with materials, winter gives you time to research different contractors and decide which one is right for you.

Be sure to look up what kinds of rooms they specialize in and whether they offer both design and building services. Reading reviews will give you a great look into how they handle customer service and timelines. You can check before and after photos of jobs they’ve done to get a better idea of the transformation you can expect. Taking the time to research and talk to potential contractors is the only way to ensure you’re getting a quality company whose goals align with yours.

Most importantly, by getting in touch with a top-notch design in winter, they can book you in for spring. You won’t have to worry about being put on a waiting list that’ll push your plans back for months. Your chosen expert contractor will be able to get your remodel started right away.

Winter is indeed the best time to start planning your home remodel, so don’t sit around and wait for spring. Assess your home, consider your options, and contact us today to request a project consultation.

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