Our Kitchen Estimate Process

Being in business for over 30 years, we’ve found that many people want to know up front what the process of getting an estimate for their kitchen remodeling project entails. Every home, family and project is different and is treated as such, though this outline is intended to help put you at ease by letting you know what to expect from us. Please note, these 5 steps can include several conversations or meetings as well as research being conducted. Your questions will be addressed beginning during the first call.

  1. Upon submitting the completed form below, expect a return phone call within 24 hours
  2. Next we’ll meet at the location of the project, at the pre-determined date & time
  3. 7 days later, you’ll receive the Design Agreement via email
  4. Once the Design Agreement is approved & the deposit is submitted, the design process commences
  5. Construction Contract is presented

Please tell us about the kitchen remodel project you have in mind.