Custom Built-Ins Increase Property Value

The Beauty Of Custom Built-Ins

A resourceful and beautiful way to maximize space in every room of your house is with the introduction of custom built-ins. Custom built-ins can be used for storage and organization, but built-ins aren’t just practical; they are an attractive addition to any room, adding dimension, interest and personality.

Why Choose Built-Ins?

Lack of storage space is a common issue faced by many homeowners. Designing effective built-ins can help with organization in both large and small spaces. Built-ins are custom-made for each space, so they are specifically designed to maximize every square inch of the area they are built for.

While it may seem like a smaller job in comparison to other remodeling projects – built-in storage units can add hundreds of square feet to a house without needing to commit to home additions or full renovations. It is always important to make sure you are working with trusted, licensed, and insured design-build professionals to understand your design and construction material options.

Rooms and Built-In Possibilities

 1. Living Rooms, Family Rooms and Home Office:

  • Maximize areas above doorways and along unused wall space with bookshelves to display family photographs, decorative accessories and books.
  • Create bench seating below windows or adjacent to a fireplace that not only create a focal point for the room, but often offer storage within the seat.
  • Design a built-in desk for a home office that is custom-sized to fit the space and provide useful storage for filing and/or office equipment
  • A custom built-in can integrate media systems for your entertainment needs

 2. Kitchen and Dining:

  • Banquette seating creates a cozy seating area in tight spots.
  • Buffet built-in provides drawer storage for flatware and dishware, placemats and tablecloths. It can also serve to offer shelving display for treasured collectibles with or without glass doors or hidden storage space for seasonal décor behind doors.
  • Custom pantries can offer additional storage space with roll-out shelving providing easier access to dry goods or kitchen equipment.
  • Bar or Wine Cellar designed for organization and display – this built-in feature can offer entertainment and added value to your home.
  • Get the most out of an often-overlooked space by using your hallways for storage. Bookshelves can be used for decoration as well as a library.
  • Look at your irregularly shaped walls and nooks in a different light, and you’ll be able to see how with just a little bit of creativity they can become functional spaces. Built-in bookshelves, pull-out storage drawers, and display casing are all options.
  • Staircase displays offer big personality with built-in shelves that can be used for displaying art, awards, or memorabilia.

 3. Bedrooms, Closets and Baths:

  • Built-in bunk beds offer efficient use of space and added storage under. Design bookshelf headboards with nightstands to fully utilize small spaces.
  • Built- in bookshelves in children’s rooms are useful to manage collections of toys, trophies and keepsakes.
  • Built-in closets transform storage efficiently and create showrooms for your clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories.
  • Built-in bathroom storage takes advantage of organizing the smallest of space efficiently for towels and personal care products.

 4. Mudrooms, Laundry, Hallways and Staircases:

  • One of the MOST desired built-in features is the mudroom cubby! Custom designed to utilize this hard-working space for backpacks, keys, mail and device charging capabilities.
  • Laundry built-ins that are well planned include folding counters, sorting hampers and laundry basket storage.
  • Hallways and Stairways are often overlooked but can be interesting spaces to capture unique storage needs for a space desk space, funky shaped shelving or for the family pet sleeping cubby.

Think about getting the most out of often overlooked spaces. Look at your irregularly shaped walls and nooks in a different light, and you’ll be able to see how with just a little bit of creativity they can become functional spaces. Then consult a design-build professional to get those ideas on paper for construction.

The bottom line is adding built-ins of any kind will increase your home’s resale value. JM Construction Company, Inc. would be happy to talk with you about the options available in creating beautiful built-ins for your home, so please contact us today, and we can answer any questions you may have!

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