What Is the Design/Build Remodeling Concept?

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Thinking of remodeling your home, adding a bath, renovating the kitchen, or adding on a nursery? Over the years, our experience has shown that potential clients don’t understand the difference between hiring a design/build company vs. a traditional architect.

An architect designs and draws a project. They usually aren’t builders or contractors, but work for them. An architect can cost thousands of dollars and in the end, you have nothing more than a design on paper which you may not be able to afford to build. If you hire an architect you’ll also need to hire a plumber, electrician, painter, carpenter, flooring people, etc. You’ll need to manage these workers and supply them with all the required fixtures and supplies.

A design/build company is a single contractor who designs your project and builds it. They usually employ an architect or interior designer. Using a design/build company is a great way to remodel or renovate your kitchen, bathrooms, or home. You’ll be dealing with a single person, and they’ll deal with the architect, plumber, electrician, painter, carpenter, flooring people, etc. The benefit of a seamless project is invaluable.

Most home remodeling projects don’t need an architect; the basic “bones” of a home already exist, and the features are just being replaced. But if you’re building a new home you may want to get the plans drawn up or looked over by an architect.

No matter whether you choose an architect or a design and build, always ask friends for a referral to a company who has completed projects similar to yours. Ask the company you’re interviewing about their experience and look at other jobs they have done.

What is the Design/Build Remodeling Concept?


The concept of design/build remodeling fosters the attainment of goals, which must be present in any relationship. These goals include:

  • The understanding of remodeling vs. new construction
  • Trust between the client and the design/build remodeling team
  • Total accountability for all phases of the project
  • Clear & consistent communication between client and contractor
  • Appropriate designs
  • Quality construction

By using JM Construction’s design/build service, we can furnish you with a realistic cost analysis during the design phase. This time enables us, as a team, to form a good working relationship before the construction begins.

With J.M. Construction as part of your design/build team, the transition from design to construction is seamless. You’re rewarded with a beautiful finished project you love and a process that you have been involved in every step of the way.

To hear more about design/build and how it could work to your benefit, please contact us or call.

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