Kitchen Island Ideas for Your Home Renovation

Three Custom Kitchen Island Ideas for Your Home Renovation

Do you want to add more functionality, storage, and seating space to your kitchen? A custom kitchen island might be just what you need to transform your space. Whether you’re renovating your entire kitchen or just want to add something extra to an open floor plan, islands have so much to offer. When it comes to selecting the right custom built kitchen island for your home, there are many facets to consider.

Let’s look at some important factors that play into island design. Then, we’ll showcase three of our favorite kitchen island designs to get the inspiration flowing!

Custom Built Kitchen Island Dimensions 

The minimum size for a standard kitchen island is four feet by two feet. You’ll need anywhere from 36-42 inches clear on all sides, too. Your kitchen should be a minimum of 13 feet wide to accommodate a custom island, because you need plenty of space to safely move around your kitchen. Generally speaking, you can expect a kitchen island’s standard height to be about 36 inches. It’s possible to build it taller, though; islands can be as high as 42 inches tall. As long as your space meets basic requirements, we can create an island that suits your needs.

Kitchen Island Placement, Orientation, and Functionality 

The layout of your kitchen and the functions of your island will largely determine its placement and orientation in the space. Consider your custom built kitchen island’s intended functionality before jumping into the project. For example, will it be used primarily for extra seating, for cooking, or both? Our team will provide island options based on your kitchen’s current layout. In some cases, updating your kitchen might mean making additional changes to the space, such as opening the floor plan.

Stationary vs. Mobile Kitchen Islands

If you’re considering whether to have your kitchen island custom built, you might be wondering whether you should choose a stationary vs. mobile kitchen island. There are pros and cons to each option, and they can serve different purposes.

A stationary kitchen island is going to be your best option if you want extra space to cook and work. Appliances and sinks, for example, will need electrical and water installation, so you naturally can’t have those amenities with a mobile island. When you choose a stationary island, it’s a larger financial investment, but it can raise the value of your home while improving the quality of your space. If you’re interested in a mobile kitchen island, that might mean you have a bit less room to work with in your kitchen. A mobile island can be moved and repositioned as needed, which opens up more possibilities for your multi-use kitchen space. You can get a movable island with plenty of storage and room for seating, so it can serve multiple purposes.

Three Inspiring Examples of Custom Kitchen Island Design

Looking for a little inspiration for your custom built kitchen island? Take a look at some of our favorite projects!

1. 1916 Antique Farmhouse Remodel

We partnered with homeowners in Sherborn for a truly unique kitchen remodel! They live in an antique farmhouse built in 1916, and they wanted to open the kitchen’s floor plan. A larger room would accommodate an island and give the homeowners plenty of space to gather with loved ones. Our team removed an unused chimney from the middle of the area and added structural steel beams to support the second floor, opening the room up and installing a large custom kitchen island. The homeowners wanted to pack functionality into their island, so we got to work.

The farmhouse island is equipped with: 

  • Wolf gas range
  • Beverage fridge
  • Wolf convection steam oven
  • Plenty of seating

The homeowners didn’t want a large range hood above the island that would block the open lines of sight or limit their new open floor concept. To remedy that, we installed a flush mounted hood.

2. Large Island With Ample Seating and Storage

Another of our homeowners in Hopkinton wanted to install a large island with ample seating and storage space. Situated in a spacious kitchen, this custom kitchen island design features trash and recycling pullouts, room for extra dinner guests, and tons of storage. Choosing to use a bold color for the new cabinetry helps to make a custom kitchen island a statement piece! This gorgeous blue island truly stands out against the brightly colored, naturally lit room. It compliments the space well, and adds more functionality to the kitchen while accommodating more seating.

3. European Kitchen with a Bar Sink

Finally, take a look at this breathtaking custom example in this 1890s cottage in Wellesley (which also features 1920s moldings). The homeowners wanted to highlight the natural light, stone, and wood in the home while adding a bit of European flair. We designed a weighted island to contrast the bright, airy kitchen space, which lent a dramatic, sophisticated look to the simplicity of the surrounding aesthetic. Built with black cabinets and a slab of gorgeous Belvedere polished granite, the island has plenty of space and storage. The beautiful granite features veins of deep gold that rush over each side, creating a waterfall edge effect. Additionally, the island features a stove and sink for added functionality.

Transform Your Kitchen

Are you ready to transform your kitchen with a custom built kitchen island? Get in touch with our team about getting your kitchen island custom built. We’re here to help!

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