Floor Tile Trends and Materials

Floor Tile Design Trends: Unique Textures & Creative Patterns

What are the hottest trends in floor tile design? Current trends take into consideration that style is paramount, but not at the expense of durability and functionality. So while current floor tile trends are practical, they still have visual appeal!

Here are the top 2018 trends for popular styles, textures, sizes and color:

Trending Styles

Selections point toward the natural, versus the more manufactured look. This impacts the various textures we see across tile materials.

Hand-Scraped, Wire-Brushed, or Distressed Textures

Porcelain wood planks are popular with their interesting hand-scraped, wire-brushed or distressed textures that offer realistic looks.

Many traditional stone look-alikes and realistic wood look-alikes are popular in both porcelain and ceramic tiles. These new products have come a long way in duplicating the variegated colors and textures of natural stone and wood. They provide unique design accents while offering improved durability and water resistance, which is greatly superior to the previous generation of imitators.

This bathroom blends both wood and stone for a natural look.

Linen & Fabric Textures

Linen and fabric textures are very popular options for floor tile. These offer a soft, luxurious feel that is inviting and comfortable. Their textures vary from subtle to prominent depending on the desired look.

Our in-house designer, suggests a tile supplier, AKDO, for their unique tile designs. They have lots of linen and fabric options. Here is just one of them in a gray woven wool fabric tile:

Linen tile installed just this week in a Wellesley family bathroom

Natural Clefting Texture

Natural stone is an obvious choice given its organic clefting, which has natural slate layers. It is a good choice for entryways thanks to its extreme durability.

This mudroom’s natural slate floor is ready for grout.

Trending Patterns

Creative and unique patterns are trending, as homeowners are foregoing the more simple and predictable designs. So what are these non-traditional patterns?

Modern Mosaic Patterns

A stacked mosaic adds depth to what otherwise would be a flat single dimensional surface, creating an added element of visual interest.

Mosaics are getting in on the natural vibe with a modern twist with pebble mosaics. This natural river rock pebble tile comes via Pebble Tile Mosaics.

And then there are the very modern and unique options with laser cut technology. Using lasers to cut tile opens the door to incorporating curves into tiling, something that was previously too difficult to achieve.

If you are interested in modern mosaics, AKDO offers a unique selection with a mix of organic and modern combinations. Check out AKDO’s website for some inspirational ideas.

Timeless Geometric Patterns

These are two interesting hexagonal options using small (top, 2-inch tiles) and large (bottom, 8-ich tiles) hex tiles.

This marble basketweave adds some interest with its repetitive, creative pattern.

This herringbone pattern offers chic sophistication. The same tile laid in a linear pattern would have a completely different look.

Printed-On Graphic Patterns

Printed tile flooring is an up and coming trend. It is an artist’s dream come true, with endless creative possibilities.

This porcelain tile in a half bath has a printed-on pattern that is glazed to protect the design.


Mixed Patterns

Any space can have a creative touch by mixing sizes and tile materials to form interesting patterns.

These two contrasting tiles add an unexpected charm to the bathroom.

Trending Sizes

Bigger is better, especially for tile planks. Everyone wants their homes and rooms to appear larger. Long wide planks help achieve this goal. Longer planks that are 36- or 48-inch lengths are preferred, rather than using squares or shorter 24-inch planks.

Trending Color

Gray shades have continued to be the most consistent color trend not only for flooring but for interior design as a whole. However, our in-house designer is expecting a more diverse color palette to develop over the coming years. our in-house designer agrees that for floors, gray continues to be popular. But she feels that an up and coming trend will be to see more color used in other areas of interior design such as paint, fabrics, and more.

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