Six tips for picking the right floor tile for your bathroom or kitchen

Six Tips To Consider When Choosing Floor Tile

Don’t let picking floor tile be a time consuming or stressful process. It should be a fun and creative project. Enjoy the opportunity to add an integral design element to your new space and see what you can weave into your overall look with your unique flooring selection. Follow these six tips to guide you through the process:

1. Select Grout Colors Carefully

When you are browsing floor tiles, pay attention to both the tile and the grout. Many times selecting grout color is an afterthought, but it is an important decision that can make or break the overall look of your tile work. Select grout that complements your tile and highlights it, versus hides it. There is a common misconception that you need to blend in grout lines. If you have a wood plank, then yes, hide those grout lines. But if you have a mosaic, then the grout can help highlight the tile so it pops. Matching grout can actually muddle the look; using an accent grout color is a trending style choice.

2. Bigger Is Better (Most of the Time)

Bigger is better, especially for tile planks. Everyone wants their homes and rooms to appear larger. Large wide planks help achieve this goal.

But beware! “Go big or go home” does not always apply to tile work in small spaces. If your floor will require a lot of tile cuts (i.e. around fixtures), consider choosing smaller floor tiles. But if you have the space, larger floor tiles can make a dramatic statement, and less grout lines for these long planks are a welcomed side benefit.

3. Price Is Determined by Your Floor Tile Choice

Price varies some between vendors, but generally, all floor tile is created equal. Our in-house designer describes what we mean by this, “Lesser quality floor tile isn’t in the manufacturing process, it is in the selection of the tile material.” Marble and natural stone will be more expensive than quarry tile. So select what you like while staying within your budget.

4. Decide: Pattern or No Pattern

There are many patterns that can make a room more visually interesting. Patterns can be found in pinwheel, herringbone, border tile, and large format patterns, as well as in one to multi-tile patterns.

Herringbone Floor Tile

Do you prefer a consistent pattern or a purposefully random one? If you are selecting a natural stone, a random pattern may work best. If you select a more traditional floor tile, a consistent pattern may be your go-to.

If you’d like to learn more about patterns, Daltile, a tile supplier, describes different pattern options in detail here.

5. Borrow a Tile for Color Matching

Most floor tile stores will allow you to borrow a tile so you can keep it to match with the rest of your decor. It’s helpful when deciding on cabinetry, fixtures, and paint color to have all the samples represented. It will help in making sure everything coordinates and works together.

Basket Weave Floor Tile

6. Buy Extra Tiles

Always purchase an additional 10% more tiles than you actually need. If the floor tile is large or has an intricate pattern, 15% more is recommended. This allows the tiler to compensate for cuts and breakages. It also provides extra tiles of the same batch and shade. Many companies will offer a refund on unused boxes of tiles, so you ultimately may not have to pay for these extra tiles that give you the assurance that you are covered.

Buying floor tiles is a creative endeavor. Enjoy the process, keep these six tips in mind, and you’ll be gliding over your newly tiled floor in no time!

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