High-End Ceilings Are Something to Look Up To

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A home renovation is an exciting time. You’re probably thinking about all the possibilities and making checklists of everything to include: New countertops, flooring, tiles, fixtures, and features. You may have forgotten something though: the ceiling. It’s often the last thing people think about, but considering all the possibilities, selecting a ceiling to go with your kitchen or bathroom renovation project can be a fun and interesting process. Here are 5 of JM Construction’s top styles of ceilings.

Coffered Ceilings

Starting things off with a bang, coffered ceilings make a big statement and are endlessly customizable. Riffing on baroque architecture, this style leaves beams exposed, which in turn gives the rest of the ceiling a recessed appearance. These beams can be designed in an array of arrangements, creating visually interesting patterns with negative space. Additionally, the beams can be stained, painted, or even sculpted. Coffered ceilings create a sense of space and their angles can even dampen noise.

Tray Ceilings

For an even greater sense of space, tray ceilings feature two levels, one a foot higher than the other. Not only does this make your room look taller, but it can also define certain areas in big rooms or open concept floors. For example, one section of a tray ceiling can be created above a kitchen area, and another can encompass the dining room area.

Vaulted Ceilings

Master Bath Vaulted Ceiling

“Vaulted” is an umbrella term for anything elevated. Typically, an angled or arching shape flows along with the shape of the roof, creating a level of dynamics. This is an easy way to add some liveliness and natural light to a room that would otherwise feature a simple, flat ceiling and right angles. Some vaulted ceilings, such as one in a large living room, can create a sense of grandeur, or, if the beams are exposed, a rustic overtone. In the example to the side, the vaulted ceiling simply conforms to the lines of the home’s exterior, while also accenting the arch of the window and reflecting the light down toward the soaking tub.

Beamed Ceilings

As you might expect, beamed ceilings leave their beams exposed like this eye-catching bathroom ceiling in rough spruce. Typically, they’re associated with a rustic charm, but they’re very flexible and can suit a variety of designs. That rustic feel mainly comes from the beams exposing their wood grain; painting them the same color as the ceiling or walls can put a modern spin on it, or using a contrasting color can make it extra eye-catching. Another variable is shape. You can create interesting and intricate shapes, or even just an arch, to steer clear of the typical beam setup.

Shed Ceilings

Looking for something stylish but subtle? A shed ceiling could do the trick. One side of the wall is shorter than its opposing side, creating a slant. The above photo might look like it was shot with a wide-angle lens, but that effect comes from the off-kilter ceiling. It’s an unconventional and modern style that can add a lot of character to a room without being overbearing or taking away from a more important focal point in the room.

Got a newfound interest in ceiling styles? We’re here to help figure out which type of ceiling is best for your home and your style. Book a project consult with us today.

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