Oven Range Hood Styles

Range Hood Styles in Your “Hood”

There are not many features in kitchen design that are as versatile as a range hood. You can select a hood that draws attention or you can pick an understated hood that lets your other kitchen features take centerstage. The configuration of your kitchen and its available space will determine the range hood style that works best for your renovated space. Here are the top locations for popular hood styles:

Maroon It on an Island

Many kitchens in Boston’s Metrowest feature expansive islands that make the island range hood a popular choice. Often home chefs prefer to have their stove tops front and center so they can socialize while they cook. They can saute and braise with an island hood featured prominently or discreetly overhead or even behind.

The island hood that drops from the ceiling is dramatic from all sides – a finished look from any angle. Its height alone draws attention. If you’re a fan of stainless steel, this hood will bring bold lines of its characteristic chrome into your kitchen. If you’re looking for something more subtle, our in-house designer, Courtney Wall, says that ceiling mounted flush vent hoods are a very useful, albeit an expensive option. “When you want to eliminate the hanging hood, a ceiling mounted vent hood avoids obscuring your lines of sight.” Instead, the ductwork runs through the ceiling to the outside of your home.

The last option is a downdraft or “pop up” hood that lifts behind the cook top for venting. Similar to a flush vent hood, it eliminates the need for a hanging hood above your island. Our word of caution is that these do not always have the strongest suction, so they’re best used in open floor plans with windows or doors for additional ventilation.

Mount It to the Wall

When your cooktop is installed along a perimeter, a wall mounted range hood is a great option to give your kitchen a contemporary feel. The pictures are both stainless wall mounted hoods, one with curved features to contrast the diagonal herringbone pattern of its monotone backsplash. The other uses straight sharp lines to complement the blue tiled herringbone backsplash. Both chimney-like range hoods give the kitchens that modern, clean look that these Wellesley and Sherborn homeowners love.

Incorporate It into Your Cabinetry

A range hood insert is built directly into the kitchen cabinetry. It can either blend into the woodwork or offset it – whatever your preference. When you select the same wood and finish as your cabinetry, the look achieved is a cohesive one. When you select a contrasting wood or paint color, the hood becomes a design focal feature. Style options are virtually unlimited if you go this route.

Tuck It Under a Cabinet

The under cabinet hood, as its name suggests, fits beneath an upper cabinet. This hood style provides much needed storage space for a smaller kitchen where storage is at a premium. From a design perspective, it gives the ability to mix cabinetry and stainless steel – a splash of stainless above to coordinate with a stainless range below.

Let Your Microwave Do the Work or Do the Walking

Prior to a renovation, the most frequent location for a range hood installation is under a microwave. While it’s not the most ideal for today’s designs, we acknowledge that a microwave hood can be very helpful in space saving applications. But most of our clients agree that the microwave has claimed the coveted spot above the stove top for far too long.

The challenge is…where do you put that microwave to make room for your new range hood?

Some go-to spots are:

  • The island
  • Perimeter cabinets
  • Incorporate microwave functionality into a convection oven or speed cooker

Nothing draws the eye quite like a range hood. Check out the many options at these quality local suppliers, Yale Appliance and Jarvis Appliance. We would be happy to discuss how to incorporate one into your next home renovation. Let us know your ideas by submitting a project consultation form.

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