Five ways to use barn doors

Our Top 5 Favorite Ways to Use Barn Doors

With smooth mechanics and nearly endless variations, barn doors are opening up Boston’s MetroWest (and several of its rooms) to new possibilities.

“It’s an exciting time to be a homeowner with lots of wall space,” says Jeff McLinden, President of JM Construction. “Barn doors are quickly becoming our favorite way to maximize square footage, improve traffic flow, and bring personality into a room.”

Even better, barn doors are sliding their way into every room in the home, from hiding mudrooms (like in the photo above) to revealing hidden pantries. Here are our favorite ways to use barn doors in our remodeling projects.

Separate Work and Home

Home offices are a modern day necessity—and so is shutting the door on your to-do list. A barn door on your home office gives you the option to let in the light and space of your home during the day and shut it down when it’s time to clock out.

Divide and Conquer

Everyone loves an open floor plan…until they want some privacy. Well-placed barn doors can help define rooms when the occasion calls for it without sacrificing the benefits of accessible space and light.

Master the Private Bathroom

Barn doors are at their best for master bathrooms, where their charm, space-saving function, privacy, and quiet operation can be most appreciated. Add an inset mirror on the inside and you’ll have a door that looks as good as you do.

Switch Out Your Curtains

If your home is blessed with an abundance of natural light (particularly during our long Boston summer days), barn doors can block out late nights and early mornings with ease—all the while adding purposeful style.

Close Off the Clothes

Right up there with master bathrooms, using barn doors for closets is another excellent use of their sleek and stylish design. With so many options to choose from, you can keep a consistent aesthetic while giving each room its own charm. Think chalkboard doors for toy rooms, mirrored doors for teens, and high gloss doors for a modern nod.

Barn Door to Washer / Dryer

Barn Doors to hide laundry machines

“A barn door isn’t just a door. It’s a functional statement piece,” adds McLinden, who gives a special nod to BarnDoorz for its overall selection and finishes.

The operative word, of course, is “functional.” While we wish we could say that barn doors are perfect in every home, the truth is that not every room and doorway has the available wall space or headroom to make them work. Luckily, due to its popularity, barn door hardware now comes in a variety of shapes, profiles, and styles, so you have more options than ever.

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