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Renovate to Suit Your Needs: A Solution for a Retired Needham Couple

Meet the Wilsons. They are a recently retired couple from Needham who have been enjoying more free time than ever before. When we met them several years ago, we learned that they loved their home, but wanted to make sure it was a place that served their needs in this new stage of life.

With lots of ideas for improvements, they contemplated the often-asked question – renovate or buy new? They opted for a staged renovation in three phases, so they could stay in the home and town they loved.

So what were their priorities?

  • Improved storage space for their narrow kitchen
  • More countertop space for cooking and baking
  • Include a master bathroom and closet in their master suite
  • Update the hall bathroom

Browse the before and after pictures to see how their newly designed space works better for their retired lifestyle:

Marble Kitchen Counters

The Wilsons have always enjoyed cooking, but now with enough time to really dig in, they wanted enough space to get creative. The Wilsons now have stylish countertops to spare in Allure Quartzite with ogee edge detail. Also, check out their open storage for all of those cookbooks. Alton Brown would be jealous.

Let’s face it…by the time we retire, we have accumulated a lot of stuff. Organized spaces to store these items are essential. The two black oversized cabinets by Brookhaven were the perfect solution, and were locally supplied by The Kitchen Center of Framingham. But this room wasn’t limited to practical changes; check out the stylish tile backsplash in Essential Chess Thassos marble. The patterned tile adds an element of interest to this striking kitchen.

On-Suite Bathroom

This was one of our favorite practical transformations during this project. We converted an infrequently used alcove in their master bedroom to a master bathroom with a storage closet. Would you rather have a bathroom close by or unused dead space in your bedroom? Easy answer. To complete the look, we had help from Ferguson Enterprises, who provided all of the bathroom fixtures.

Updated Hall Bathroom

If the master bedroom/bathroom transformation was the most practical, the hall bathroom transformation gets the “most needed” award. Those busy walls, vanity, and baby blue sink made our home owners sing their own baby blues. They waited until the second phase of the renovation to update this bathroom, so they could have a functioning bathroom during the first phase. (We think that was very patient of them, since renovating this hall bath was top on their priority list.)

The Wilsons have enjoyed their updated kitchen and their beautiful new master and hall bathrooms. We have enjoyed getting to know them and learning – and meeting – their unique design goals.

Interested in seeing how we transformed another retired couple’s home, this time in Wellesley? Read A Master Suite Addition in Wellesley.

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