Smart Appliances Get an A+ in Convenience & Comfort

Technology has creeped into almost every nook and corner of our daily lives. Or so we think. Every year, manufacturers come up with unexpected ways to add just a bit more convenience to our routines. And while overreliance and privacy can be a concern (the unblinking eyes of indoor security cameras, for example), it seems like most are comfortable with smart devices in their homes. By integrating smart appliances and accessories into your kitchen or bath reno, you can take luxury and comfort to the next level. Let’s take a look at the possibilities.

Smart Bathtubs & Smart Showers

Smart bathtubs, like Kohler’s PerfectFill (available starting May 2022) take the wait out of relaxing. You can use voice commands or an app to start filling the tub as soon as you get home. And by setting the temperature and depth, you don’t have to hover and make adjustments or worry about an overflow. You can even schedule your bath so that you can warm up right when you get out of bed in the morning or decompress as soon as you kick off your shoes after work.

As you might expect, similar technology is available for showers. Start, stop, flow rate, and temperature voice commands and app controls are a standard feature. Many smart showers allow you to set a shower length to help you stay on schedule and conserve your water and heat usage.

Smart Toilets

Yes, even toilets are smart now. The main benefits here are comfort and cleanliness. Taking Kohler’s Karing model as an example, you can treat yourself to a heated seat instead of getting that early morning jolt. These self-flushing toilets also clean themselves – both with water and with germ-killing UV lights – and even deodorize themselves. Some can also close their lids automatically so you don’t have to worry about Fluffy hydrating herself from the wrong bowl.

Smart Refrigerators

If you’re looking for potential ROI, a smart refrigerator could be worth considering. While they’re more expensive than a standard fridge, they offer a number of money- and energy-saving benefits. You can more precisely adjust the temperature, enable certain energy saving modes, and receive alerts if the door is left open accidentally. The biggest benefit, though, may be that smart fridges can keep track of what food is inside. When you’re at the grocery store and can’t remember if you’re running low on eggs, you can just open up the app and check! Some models even keep track of expiration dates and remind you to use your food before it goes bad. These features can cut down quite a bit on food waste and needless purchases.

There are several models that have built-in monitoring, which can also save money – and frustration. By analyzing the refrigerator’s performance, it can self-diagnose any problems and alert you – before they become a big problem. Whether that’s just switching out a filter or replacing a part, being proactive can pay off.

When it comes to convenience, some models come equipped with touchscreens that can walk you through cooking new recipes, leave reminders, and set timers.

Smart Microwaves & Ovens

If you fancy yourself a chef, the latest generations of microwaves and ovens might help you take your meals to the next level. These appliances are more flexible and have precise controls for all sorts of cooking, including baking, roasting, air frying, dehydrating and more. There are even some tabletop ovens that double as microwaves.

Not so confident in your culinary skills? These units can help – literally. Some newer microwaves let you scan your food and automatically download the cooking instructions to apply the right steaming, baking, broiling and toasting combinations to heat it up in the tastiest way possible.

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