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Surround Your Fireplace with Style

With fall fast upon us and cold weather on the scene, your fireplace is likely already calling your name. While also practical, well-styled fireplaces tend to draw us in closer, encourage gathering, and promote peace amidst hectic schedules. Here at JM Construction, helping you realize your fantastic fire-stoking face-lift is exactly the type of cool-season project we fall for. With that, we bring you our favorite fireplace surround renovations for the season.

Stonework stacks up

This classic never gets old, and we still get requests regularly for the simplicity of a stone surround. What makes it one of our favorites is its ability to retain and radiate heat. Unlike any other fireplace material, stone absorbs heat well and then acts as a radiant source for much longer than other surround materials. Another benefit of stone: its textured appeal warms up a room even if a fire is a distant memory, especially when coupled with a big chunky wood mantle.

Selecting the type of stone is the fun part. From granite and marble to limestone and travertine, each stone has its benefits, as well as treatment options. Limestone and quartzite both have options of either a smooth and sleek feel or a rustic vibe, depending on type and treatment. We take great pride in helping you make the right choice. Request a project consult, and we’ll come up with the best options for you.

Keep the heat in

Beautiful, sophisticated, and energy-efficient, we are ablaze with good reviews when it comes to fireplace inserts. With multiple heating sources to choose from — wood, natural gas, pellet, coal, propane — fireplace inserts are sealed and air-tight, generating more heat and conserving the heat produced. (Traditional fireplaces carry an efficiency rating of only 5-10%, while inserts can achieve as much as 65%.) Chimney repairs are also more efficient as many models include their own chimney and venting components. For those searching for a great insert, we recommend checking out Heat N Glo’s selection, but only if installed by a professional. Installing inserts safely is critical —your next buyer will thank you as well.

Break (out) the molding

Gorgeously ornate fireplace surrounds like this one add elegance to a sophisticated space because they embrace texture and storytelling in a single color. You can mimic this style (and the time period) with textured tile, intricately layered millwork, and a whimsical eye — after all, if the walls aren’t talking, the fireplace should have something to say.

Add (or remove) color with paint

“Should I paint my fireplace?” is a question we get asked more often than we can count, and (as I’m sure you can guess) there’s no right answer. People paint their fireplace surrounds for all sorts of reasons — to hide unattractive or discolored brick, to create more design options within a space, or to brighten a room. If you decide to paint your fireplace, treat it like a tattoo — love it or hate it, you’ll have to live with it. And if you end up regretting your choice, you can always cover it up with a new color, texture, or both!

Making skyward statements

For the fireplace that already is the focal point of the room (or has the potential to be), you only have to look up. Some of our favorite and most jaw-dropping projects have involved a surround that extended all the way up to the ceiling, creating a statement and centerpiece that’s worth marveling over. Whatever your material choice, consider the beauty of stretching upward. For some, this simple extension can totally re-energize a space. Keep in mind that more material means possibly more maintenance and repairs, so make sure that statement is one you’re ready to live by.

The best fireplace surrounds are those that merge the most unique and alluring characteristics of your home with your very own sense of style.

With that synergy, along with any blend of the options above (think along the lines of an insert along with stone, or the simplicity of brick taken to the ceiling), winning combinations can speak volumes and carry a wealth of benefits. Whatever your heart’s – or hearth’s – desire, we are ready to re-imagine with you and re-invigorate your favorite source of warmth. Request a project consult and we’ll be in touch.

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