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Luxurious Must-Haves for Your Primary Suite

Luxurious primary suite additions are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners who value their space. If you’re looking to renovate and remodel your home, a primary suite should be at the top of your wish list. But as you make these plans, consider what will make your new living quarters a cut above the rest and make you the most comfortable. Here are the luxurious must-haves for your primary suite.

Large Picture Windows

Large picture windows can give a room a sense of luxury and scale. You’ll especially appreciate a giant picture window if you live in an area with an incredible view. Whether your primary suite overlooks the ocean, a mountain range in the distance, or a lush forest, who wouldn’t want to wake up to a beautiful view?

Big, luxurious picture windows also provide a lot of natural light, which greatly benefits any primary suite. It can make a room appear larger, and natural light also has health benefits. This includes lower blood pressure, warding off seasonal depression, and improved sleep. So installing a picture window in your primary suite improves both aesthetics and wellness.

Walk-In Closet

For fashion-forward trendsetters, there is nothing better than a walk-in closet. It’s the perfect addition to a primary suite as it keeps your bedroom area from getting cluttered with wardrobes, bureaus, full-length mirrors, and shoe racks. Instead, you can keep all of that in your spacious walk-in closet.

Walk-in closets are also beneficial to those who value organization. There’s enough space to properly sort dresses, suits, shirts, shoes, and pants. This also makes getting dressed first thing in the morning more efficient, as you can find everything more easily. On top of that, all of this extra space keeps your clothes in better condition, as they aren’t crammed into drawers and can air out when not being worn.

En-Suite Spa Bathroom

Is it really a primary bedroom without an en-suite bathroom? Maybe, but it wouldn’t be nearly as luxurious. A large, luxurious bathroom is a great addition to a primary suite, especially if it has spa-like amenities. A vanity with double sinks is convenient for a couple who otherwise might need to fight for space as they get ready in the morning.

Another thing your bathroom should have is a luxurious tub or shower. Whether it’s a whirlpool bathtub or a walk-in shower, you want space to relax as you wash. Be sure to add some wet lighting to illuminate your at-home spa so it feels more open and spacious. Niche lighting in particular is attractive because they’re subtle but still light up the areas that might get dark, like the inside of your shower.

A luxurious primary suite should accommodate your various needs, from giving you a good night’s sleep to keeping your clothes organized to providing you with a spa getaway without leaving your home. When you begin planning your home remodel, contact us. We service the most discerning homeowners in the Boston Metrowest area, so we can provide the design and construction services to create your perfect primary suite experience.

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