Niche lighting in a luxury bathroom

Shower Niche Lighting: Inspiration for Your Bathroom Remodel

When it comes to your shower remodel, don’t forget the wet lighting! 

So what is “wet lighting?” It’s waterproof lighting, also known as niche lighting, for showers that appears in niche strip lights, which are mainly aesthetic additions to shower and tub designs. 

These waterproof recessed lights for showers add an illuminated quality to modern shower designs, and they’ve been a popular feature in many of our recent remodeling projects. In addition to shower niche lighting, you’ll often find niche lighting in other areas of the bathroom. 

Want to know more about wet lighting and how you might be able to feature it in your bathroom remodel? In this article, we’re sharing some of our favorite wet lighting projects to inspire you as you plan your next project. Let’s jump right into it. 

A Modern, Contemporary Niche Lighting Design in Concord

Our clients in Concord, Massachusetts, brought us a third-party niche lighting design for their modern contemporary bathroom remodel. This home is a contemporary, modern mid-century “deck house.” The homeowners wanted to ensure that updates to the home emphasized the sleek sophistication of its original design. 

We love this stylish niche lighting design above the sink in the homeowners’ fully remodeled bathroom. The recess maintains the clean lines of the design, while the light provides plenty of illumination across the double vanity.

Relaxing Wet Lighting for the Ultimate MetroWest Steam Shower

When our team redesigned this entire 1970s colonial in MetroWest, a bathroom remodel was naturally part of the package. Our clients have a steam shower with a speaker for listening to music, and they wanted wet lighting that would allow them to adjust the amount of light and ambiance of the shower for optimal relaxation. 

We built an attractive niche with recessed lighting into this shower, which features white marble tile with veins of blue and gray. This lighted shower niche added just the right amount of light and style to make the homeowners’ shower more versatile and accommodating. 

A Luxurious Lighted Shower Niche in Sherborn  

When we overhauled the primary bathroom in this 1955 Sherborn, Massachusetts, colonial, we added a lovely lighted shower niche in the new walk-in shower. This bathroom has pitched ceilings, which are visually pleasing but can make adequate lighting a challenge. While the shower niche lighting is mainly aesthetic, in this case, it does help add functional lighting to the space. 

This spacious walk-in shower features marble tiling and a generously sized bench. Its niche features a light strip at the top. The lighted shower niche is a nice extra touch that truly makes this bathroom overhaul shine. 

Functional Shower Niche Lighting in Lincoln

Our clients in Lincoln, Massachusetts, needed more functional lighting for their guest bathroom. This “deckhouse,” built in 1970, overlooks the Sudbury River. Its stunning outdoor views, combined with its mid-century modern flair, deserved to be mirrored inside, too. 

Because there was no room in the ceiling for extra lighting, we had to get creative with light strips. Our designer suggested using the same type of light that we use in shower niches, set on a 45-degree angle, and installed on the back side of the ceiling soffit so that it would provide the shower with functional light. It was the perfect way to round out a project that brought both light and warmth to an otherwise dark, cold bathroom. 

Is Niche Lighting in Your Bathroom’s Future?

So is niche lighting in your bathroom’s future? It could be when you remodel! When you work with our team, we’ll share the best design options for your bathroom, including waterproof recessed lights for showers that will wow your guests. 

Ready to get the conversation started? Request a consult today!

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